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Beton brut, a brutalist house wrapped in a raw concrete envelope

tHE gRID Architects

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tHE gRID Architects

"Beton Brut" is an exceptional standalone home. True to its name, the house showcases an exposed concrete structure brutalist style. The design inspiration for the concrete canopies came from the imagery of an Indian woman shielding herself from the sun using her pallu a traditional garment. The interior narrative harmoniously combines Indian elements like old carved panels, jharokha (balcony), and decorative vessels, seamlessly blending them with the architectural ambiance. Sun-protected southwest-facing home design to combat intense sunlight and heat. Spacious design fosters togetherness and celebrates individual personalities. The home also aimed to intertwine intangible experiences with tangible architectural forms, offering diverse encounters within its physical structure.

The architecture seamlessly integrates balconies and green pockets, connecting with the urban landscape. Deep overhangs ensure outdoor comfort in sunlight and heat. All living spaces have access to staggered terraces or gardens. The central volume, with a landscaped court and stairwell, features two skylights, plus a third in the living room. A linear slit-like opening illuminates the concrete's timber textures. The second skylight, a faceted structure with a cut-out, brings light to the stairwell and green court. Extensive glazed fenestration fosters a constant connection with nature. The design considers site, climate, and client. It is centrally located in the urban city, harmonizing with sunlight and greenery

The exposed RCC structure incorporates drought-friendly plants on southwest-facing terraces, promoting biodiversity. Strategically positioned trees protecting from the heat. Indoor plants maintain moisture levels. The design is a visual statement, embodying purity of form, establishing a meaningful relationship between the house, city, & nature. The honesty and purity of materials, allowing their inherent beauty to shine without cosmetic overlays. Grey concrete, the central material, takes center stage in both the architectural and interior narratives, featuring textured timber imprints from the casting process. Sandstone, Kota stone, sunlight, & teakwood furniture harmonize with the building material creating a perfect balance between simplicity and richness.

dezeen long list 2022

The architectural genesis was a quintessentially Indian image. Light played a pivotal role, considering the plot's southwest orientation. To optimize sunlight, a garden was placed on the west side. Finalizing the floor plan posed a challenge as the architectural envelope seemed disproportionate to the home's scale. To address this, the rectangular structure was sliced, staggered, and selectively "erased" to create a cantilevered canopy. The result was a visually lightweight and delicate design featuring deep overhangs, shielding fenestration from direct sunlight and walls from heat. This skewed composition gave rise to three tiers of cantilevers, providing sheltered terraces and pockets for greenery. Enclosed spaces now thrive amidst lush foliage. Committed to pure and honest materiality, Beton Brut embraced a brutalist aesthetic, showcasing bare concrete, geometric forms, a monochrome palette, and a monolithic presence. This fusion artfully combined a brutalist expression rooted in emotion with traditional Indian motifs. The interior spaces subtly incorporated Indian elements, enriching the design narrative. By blending the "brutal" aspects of social housing ideals with traditional Indian typologies, a unique form of neo-brutalism emerged. Beton Brut, meaning "raw concrete" in French, exudes strength and confidence while embodying a tender and emotive essence. It beautifully harmonizes the raw beauty of concrete with traditional Indian aesthetics.

A journey of brutalism in congruence with indianness. The idea was to design in such a way that concrete has an impact. Our home speaks volumes with its boldness and soulful tranquility. As an entrepreneur and poet, I yearned for a space that harmoniously blends functionality and creativity. My son, a passionate wildlife photographer, needed a space for inspiration. Beton Brut beautifully captures our unique journey—a testament to striking form and gentle spirit.


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 1074 mq
 tHE gRID Architects
 Snehal Suthar & Bhadri Suthar
 Setu structure, Ravi Engineering
 PHX India


tHE gRID Architects views designing as more than just a profession, embracing inclusivity and collaboration. Their buildings prioritize the well-being of individuals on psychological, biological, and sociological levels, with biophilic design at the core. Practicing heartfulness, they infuse their designs with elevated consciousness. As visiting faculty at prestigious institutes like NID, NIFT, and architecture schools, they actively engage in global panel talks, juries, and presentations. Their work is featured in renowned platforms such as Archdaily, Plan Mag, Design Boom, Dezeen, Forbes, AD, and showcased in national/international publications. Recognized as HOT 100 architects of India, they have earned 50+ prestigious awards and have been featured thrice on BETTER INDIA for their green and sustainable initiatives, promoting accessible sustainability. Their vision embodies designing with inner consciousness and heartfelt thoughts, ensuring honest and meaningful designs for society

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