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Smart Alpin, an hommage to the enclosing nature


Hospitality  /  Completed

For the Carpe Solem Resort we designed stylish building structures to create a large, family-friendly and high-quality relaxation area. The mountain range enthroned above the resort served as a first inspiration and leads through the whole design of the building. The gabled roofs find their design origins in the oldest part of the town. They reflect the traditional construction in Rauris, where they built the houses in rows.

The alpine influence is expressed both holistically and in detail as well as in the construction of the building. The asymmetrical arrangement of the gable roofs is inspired by the peaks and jags of the mountain ridge above. The large roof terrace nestles quietly between the ridges of the roofs, while inside, generous glazing in the public areas enables a direct interaction between the guest and the powerful surroundings. The alpine-smart interior design runs through the entire facility. The processing of local larch wood and Rauris stone complete the hommage to the enclosing nature.

The Carpe Solem Rauris project proves that large-scale construction and spaciousness can certainly be brought into harmony with tranquility, retreat and relaxation through clever building structures and room layouts.

The mountain range towering above the resort acted as a starting point for the design of the building. The apartment resort with its 79 luxurious vacation apartments offers relaxation, cultural history and a homely vacation atmosphere of the highest standards for up to 300 guests. Living, spa, fitness and restaurant areas extend over 700m² in cuboid complexes. Accesses to the outdoors create a playful relationship between the object and its surroundings. In the basement, for example, the southwest-facing sun terrace forms an extensive and harmonious transfer between building and nature. To ensure this kind of communication on an individual level, each unit has its own balcony. The traditional style, seen in the wooden balconies, the gable roofs and the native materials such as Rauris stone and wood, mixed with modern style, seen in black steel elements, line management and big window areas, is what makes the project matter in its details. The open common spaces in the house give a feeling of experiencing the nature from indoors. Windows serve as frames that capture the most breathtaking pictures of the surrounding nature and thus blur the boundaries between indoors and outdoors.

The cooperation with SNOW ARCHITEKTUR started way before this project. Over the time we developed a relationship based on mutual trust, which makes working together very pleasant. For the project Carpe Solem in Rauris the key to success was the constant exchange with SNOW ARCHITEKTUR during the design process.


 Apartment Hotel
 12250 mq
 Dipl. Ing. Mario Toferer, Bsc
 Carpe Solem


Our diverse collective of characters provides the foundation for a creative process.
We combine quality craftsmanship with innovative design - even beyond the core field of architecture.
Our economic thinking and collaborative actions result in individual, valuable architecture and diverse ideas, which lead to functional solutions with a passion for aesthetics, feel and craftsmanship.
Through the conscious use of honest, regional materials and respectful treatment of existing buildings, we create comprehensive concepts with a love for detail.

SNOW ARCHITEKTUR is named after the cardinal points, South - North – East (Ost) - West, because they are essential for our creative process. At the beginning of every new project we focus on the object's orientation to the sun and the points of the compass. Each cardinal direction has its own spiritual effectiveness, which we incorporate into the design process.

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