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Hotel Avándaro, carefully integrated with the natural landscape of the mountains surrounding

Chain + Siman

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Chain + Siman

The remodeling and expansion project of Hotel Avándaro was carried out to meet the growing demand of convention groups wishing to use its facilities. The previous situation was that, during these conventions, conventioneers were mixed with regular guests and clubhouse members, which generated some confusion and lack of clarity in the distribution of spaces. The main task was to clearly divide and delimit the spaces so that each group could enjoy its own environment.

The concept developed on how to make the architectural design combine the different periods and styles that the hotel had experienced over the years. It was considered important to maintain certain characteristic elements, such as the sloping roofs, albeit at a less pronounced angle, and the wooden beams with a modern spirit.

The remodeling and expansion project of the Hotel Avándaro established a harmonious dynamic between the hotel and its landscape environment and the surrounding urban area. The new constructions were carefully integrated with the natural landscape of the mountains surrounding the hotel, taking advantage of the panoramic views and respecting the scenic beauty of the site. The architectural design was adapted, through color and locally sourced materials, to the aesthetics and characteristics of the urban area in which it was located, preserving the identity of Avándaro. In this way, the project was presented as a complement in harmony with the surroundings, highlighting the interaction between the hotel and its natural and urban context.

Strategies were implemented to minimize environmental impact, such as the restoration of existing elements instead of total demolition, which reduced material waste and its carbon footprint. In addition, partition wall facade was used as the main material in the structure of the walls, which not only provided durability, but also allowed for versatile integration in different parts of the hotel.

As for the technologies used, efficient lighting and air conditioning systems were implemented to reduce energy consumption. The use of renewable energy sources was prioritized whenever possible, such as the installation of solar panels to supply part of the hotel's energy demand. Water efficiency was also promoted through the installation of rainwater collection and reuse systems.

The Hotel Avándaro remodeling and expansion project stood out for its focus on creating distinctive and functional spaces that met the needs of convention groups and regular guests. One of the strengths of the project was the ability to harmoniously combine classic architectural elements with modern and contemporary touches. Pitched ceilings and wood beams were respected, while tank was introduced as a unifying material that gave the hotel a renewed look. The new design achieved a clear and separate distribution between conventioneers and regular guests, providing a more personalized and welcoming experience in the lobby, where visitors were greeted with drinks and closer attention. In addition, the project incorporated special features in the convention center, such as the use of wood materials, elegant lamps and refined carpets, creating a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere. The careful integration of the hotel with its landscape environment and the surrounding urban area was also a distinctive aspect of the project, achieving visual harmony and respecting the identity of Avándaro. In terms of sustainability, strategies such as the restoration of existing elements instead of total demolition were implemented, and practical and durable materials such as partition walls were chosen. The Hotel Avándaro project stood out for its ability to offer a modern, welcoming and personalized environment, while respecting the history and essence of the hotel.

The renovation of Hotel Avándaro took on great importance when considering its history and evolution over more than 60 years. Initially comprised of only 12 cabins, the hotel has experienced significant growth over the decades. However, rather than completely jettisoning the original legacy, the renovation was undertaken with a deep respect and incorporation of its rich history.The importance of this renovation lies in preserving and enhancing the charm and authenticity that the hotel.


 Valle de Bravo
 Hotel, Hospitality
 3000 mq
 Chain + Siman and Modo Manera
 Renatta Chain and Lina Siman
 Chain + Siman
 Rafael Gamo


Chain + Siman is an architecture and interior design firm based in Mexico City and founded in 2016, with previous years of individual experience in Mexico and the United States. It is led by Renatta Chain and Lina Siman.

The idea behind the firm has to do with simplicity: the use of clean lines, natural palettes and a close dialogue between light, space and textures. The concept of each project is based on a systematic organization of the design elements, which reveal their physical characteristics and achieve a balance between luxury, aesthetics and functionality.

They have designed residential, hospitality, retail and corporate projects. In each one of them, the synergy between constant dedication, passion for every design detail, customer service and the search for solutions, make up the pillars of each project. Its execution also meets the cultural, functional and operational needs of each one.


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