Yazgan Design Architecture - Demirkoy Visitor Center and Kinay House, capturing the natural beauty of the landscape
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Demirkoy Visitor Center and Kinay House, capturing the natural beauty of the landscape

Yazgan Design Architecture

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Yazgan Design Architecture

Located on a hillside with an enchanting view of the nearby mountains and forests, this project takes its inspiration from the scenery visible through the window of an existing ruin. The primary objective was to seamlessly integrate the natural beauty of the landscape into the design. As visitors enter the building, they are immediately treated to the breathtaking landscape, framed by a transparent and unobtrusive facade that maximizes the view. Careful consideration was given to the design of the client's house, ensuring its harmonious integration with the topography and landscape, avoiding any disruption to the views from the visitor center. The project's components work harmoniously, acting as picturesque frames that celebrate the landscape's splendor without stealing the spotlight.

This project creates a balanced dynamic with the landscape. Set atop a hillside, region's mountains and forests creates the landscape. The visitor center and integrated house form two distinct masses, visitor center is placed on the upper side of the sloping land connected to the road and in the lower part, the house is located that is integrated into the topography. Foldable windows on the front facade allow a seamless connection to the surrounding landscape, alongside a pool and deck extending both into the rooms and the green landscape. These bridges the building to its landscape. The use of material also emphasizes contextual integrity, unique natural stone sourced locally adorns all facades, interiors, retaining walls, and outside stairs.

The project serves as a seamless outline of the topography it occupies within its setting, nestled on a picturesque hillside that offers captivating views of the mountains and unique regional forests. Its primary objective is to accentuate the natural beauty of the surroundings through a simple geometric language. From the facade to the plan, every aspect is carefully aligned with the aim of highlighting the natural beauty of the area. All architectural elements work harmoniously to reinforce this concept. Upon entering the building, visitors are immediately presented with the impressive landscape, skillfully framed and highlighted. The facade is designed to be transparent and uninterrupted, maximizing the view and fostering a strong sense of connection for visitors. This connection with nature is further enhanced not only through views but also through other sensory experiences. Within the exhibition space, a skylight allows natural light to pass the stone walls, creating a rich interior atmosphere. The choice of materials plays a crucial role in this immersive experience, with a unique natural stone from Demirköy used in all facades and interiors. Moreover, the client's house, an integral part of the project, is integrated into the topography and landscape to preserve the unobstructed view from the visitor center. This integration creates a suggested outline in the scene, tying the other part to the grounds, and fully submerging the landscape.

The family suggests; as residents of Demirkoy, they were particularly impressed by the project's ability to establish a strong connection with their natural surroundings through its views and utilization of locally sourced materials. They appreciated the seamless yet distinct relationship between the requested spaces. The visitor center's strategic location, inviting people to into surreal views, and the house blending harmoniously with the surrounding nature resonated deeply with the client.


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 Yazgan Design Architecture
 Yazgan Design Architecture


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