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Nuovo Polo Ospedaliero Padova Est, focused on ecological and fruition connectivity, flow management and resilience


Health  /  Future

The design idea was born from the analysis of the tender documents for the New Hospital Complex of East Padua. The expressed needs indicate dimensional parameters and proximity relationships; from the study of the site derives the spatial distribution by orientation, sunshine, surrounding characteristics and roads. The principles of Neuroscience applied to architecture and the 14 points of Biophilic design define the concept and guide its development and organic and coherent insertion into the context. The benefits of the built environment on the users derive from the positive combination of the single attributes. Biophilia and Neurosciences lead to a Design for all without physical, psychic or sensorial architectural barriers and therefore to Humanization of spaces and Salutogenesis.

The ecological integration of the hospital into the environment is achieved by creating a building organism that acts as an open system in which the plant element intertwines aesthetic effect and technical result, obtained thanks to the intrinsically relational nature of the vegetated elements. The essential themes are ecological and fruition connectivity, flow management (thermal, water, biological, energy, material) and resilience. The operations implemented:

  • use of native plants and biodiversity;
  • green roof, divided into usable terraces and non-usable roofs;
  • mediation green, an urban forest that protects the relationship and mitigates the critical effects of the neighboring industrial area;
  • wooded square, generated by the connection of the crowns typical of pedestrian crossings.

With a view to the transition from gray infrastructure to green infrastructure: each technical element relating to mobility has its own green component to balance negative externalities. The sealed part of the soil is reduced as much as possible and always shaded by trees to reduce the heat island effect. The use of bioswales has been arranged in order not to load the drainage network of the area in the event of ordinary rainfall and to favor infiltration on site. The inclusion of trees with "continuity of crowns" ensures an effective breeding point for ornithofauna and for arboreal-moving animals. For the most effective distribution for the microclimatic effects of the tree elements, an equivalent climate simulation software was used.

The New Hospital Center is an integrated architectural and high engineering project, in which the following qualifying points are implemented:

  • dislocation of the logistics under the main body, to guarantee the rapidity of the flows of materials and people;
  • insertion of an internal urban axis, which consolidates the relationship with the external space and the city, thanks to the two new parks and leading to inpatient wards that are located on one side of it;
  • tight seam between the surgical areas and the intensive care units to optimize functionality;
  • enhancement of the level of humanization by bringing relatives, friends and care-givers next to their loved ones and making eye contact possible even in pandemic situations;
  • flexibility of spaces and flows, in order to be able to seal off safe areas dedicated to the management of a possible pandemic situation, without leaving the catchment area deprived of healthcare assistance;
  • crucial presence of greenery and natural light, thanks to the many internal courtyards and terraces, right into the diagnostic and outpatient areas, in the surgery and intensive care spaces, in the hospitalization areas, in the university teaching space: this goal was pursued with the scientific awareness of the
  • weight of natural light and green on patient care and on the protection of the medical staff;
  • to respond to requests for future expansion, without further use of land, there are voids in the building body, to be filled or raised.

"The architecture must include elements of EBD from a Patient, User, and Staff perspective." As designers, we translate this instance starting from Margaret Mead's quote: the practice of care is the first sign of civilization. We think hospitals are the first expression of society's values, healthcare devices in which all parts are designed to serve users, facilitate healing and promote health by combining Biophilia, Neuroscience and DFA with the latest construction and plant techniques.


 Regione Veneto - Azienda Ospedale - Università Padova
 Nuovo Polo Ospedaliero nell'area Padova Est - San Lazzaro
 193.000 mq
  356,809,334.00 €
 T.H.E.MA srl Architectural and healthcare design: Eng. A. Lauria, Arch. F. Casetti, Structural Design: Eng. A. Lauria, Eng. C. Castelli; FARROW PARTNERS INC. Healthcare design: Arch. T. S. Farrow; Neuroscience and architecture: Arch. D. Ruzzon
 T.H.E.MA srl Architectural design: Eng. Antonino Lauria, Arch. Federica Casetti, Arch. Carlo D'Amico, Eng. Davide D'Ovidio, Arch. Lorenzo Filieri; Structural Design: Eng. Antonino Lauria, Eng. Claudia Castelli, Eng. Francesco Fenocchio, Eng. Francesco Belosi; Design safety manager: Eng. Ugo Di Camillo, Eng. Francesco Guida, Eng. Massimo Patti, Eng. Silvia Candido, Eng. Luigi Chiumenti; STUDIO PROTECNO Design of Sanitary Water and Medical Gas Systems and Electrical Systems: Eng. Riccardo Antoniazzi, Eng. Carlo Scarfò, Por. Ind. Giovanni Giacopuzzi; FRANCHETTI S.P.A Structural co-design: Eng. Paolo Franchetti; BELLESI GIUNTOLI STUDIO Landscape and green space design Dr. Agr. Alberto Giuntoli; LOMBARDINI22 S.p.A. Co-design of electrical systems: Eng. Roberto Cereda; Neuroscience applied to architecture: Arch. Davide Ruzzon; FARROW PARTNERS INC. Healthcare design: Arch. Tye S. Farrow; AIRIS S.r.l. Environmental acoustics: Dr. Francesca Rametta, Eng. Gildo Tomassetti; Geology: Geol. Valeriano Franchi; Environmental certification protocols: Arch. Lorenzo Malucelli; Environment: Ing. Irene Bugamelli, Arch. Camilla Alessi; Mobility and Traffic: Eng. Giacomo Nonino; Polistudio A.E.S. società di ingegneria S.r.l. Fire prevention design: Eng. Sabba Andrea; B.T.C. S.r.l. Design of medical equipment, automated transport and information systems: Eng. Werner Rainer.
 Regione del Veneto - Azienda Ospedale - Università Padova
 Archaeologist: Dr. Andrea Baroncioni; Healthcare and hospital specialist: Dr. Enzo Rizzato; Expert in neuroscience applied to architecture / ergonomic studies Hosp/Univ.: Dr. Eve Edelstein; Health physicist expert in Radioprotection.: Dr. Aldo Valentini; Scientist – consultancy on the relationship between art and architecture: Dr. Susan Magsamen.


T.H.E.MA. Srl is a company that develops Engineering and Architecture, specialized in Integrated and Specialized Design from Concept Design to Construction Project, Interdisciplinary Consulting, Construction Site Planning and Management.
T.H.E.MA. srl is ISO 9001,14001 and 45001 certified.
Active since 2001 and constitutes the organizational evolution of the pre-existing T.H.EMA Associated Technical Studio founded in 1996. Based in Bologna (Italy), operates both nationally and abroad, and is structured in 6 Departments: Architectural Department; Healthcare Department; Engineering Department; Project, Construction & BIM Management Department; Energy Department; QHSE Department. The main areas in which T.H.E.MA offers the fruits of its experience are: architecture and engineering in the residential and hospitality sector, functional architecture in healthcare, design in the school field, for entertainment and exhibition spaces, the retail sector and infrastructures for high technology.


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