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Primo: modern, efficient, and sustainable workspaces

Ardian Real Estate

ESG - Environmental Social Governance  /  Completed
Ardian Real Estate

Primo, located at Piazza Fidia 1, in Milan's historic Isola district, was acquired in 2019 by Ardian. Named Primo because of its renewed architectural, engineering, and environmental features that make it a pioneer in the area, the building – with a main office destination - features a gross area of over 12,000 square metres and consists of 9 floors above ground, 1 rooftop and 2 basement floors. The ground floor houses two retail units. The project, signed by the architect Stefano Belingardi, involved the renovation of the existing building, which dated back to the 1960s and 1970s, to make it more functional and adherent to the needs of the tenants and in compliance with the highest standards of sustainability, from an ESG perspective, in line with European directives.

The objective of the renovation was to return a modern building to the city, contributing to the redevelopment of the neighbourhood. Primo is respectful of the urban context and at the same time gives a renewed spirit to the square. The architect was able to enhance the building by choosing an urban, modern and impactful architecture, with an alternation of structural and transparent components, complemented by cutting-edge technological choices.

Primo qualifies as a Nearly Zero Energy Building and is able to achieve 34% higher energy efficiency than a Grade A building and annual savings of 120 tonnes of CO2, placing it among the most advanced buildings for environmental sustainability and aligned to the Paris Treaty's CO2 emissions target until 2050. Satispay, an Italian unicorn operating the digital payments sector, chose Primo as its new headquarters demonstrating its ability to offer modern, efficient, and sustainable workspaces.

Primo has achieved LEED Platinum, WELL Silver, WIREDSCORE and BREEAM Very Good certifications.

The strength of a pioneer lies not only in the fact that he was the first to arrive. His instinct leads him to new horizons and paves the way for all those who want to follow him. His vision makes him inspirational and empowers him to lead those who follow him. He's courageous and is rewarded. In a changing neighborhood, Primo plays a pioneering role. It establishes itself here to bring a new dynamic along with his ambition. It takes the first step towards a renewal that will be followed by all.


 Ardian Real Estate
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 BE.ST Belingardi Stefano Architect


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