COIMA SGR on behalf of Porta Romana Fund - Olympic Village, a new urban laboratory for Milan
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Olympic Village, a new urban laboratory for Milan

COIMA SGR on behalf of Porta Romana Fund

ESG - Environmental Social Governance  /  Future
COIMA SGR on behalf of Porta Romana Fund

The design of the Olympic Village area was entrusted to Skidmore, Owings & Merrill - SOM. The project was evaluated positively by the Porta Romana Masterplan jury for its dialogue and openness to the rest of the Masterplan and the neighbouring portions of the city. Compared to the initial Masterplan proposal, the Olympic Village will be realised with lower and more harmoniously diffused buildings, integrated with services to create a city district open to intergenerational attendance also through the composition of pedestrian spaces and squares, well connected also with the new spaces being developed and the areas adjacent to the airport.

The Olympic Village will be located in the area southwest of the Scalo and will ensure continuity with the existing functions and an overall balance of the district. The pole will be developed in continuity with the surrounding fabric: the permeability between open and public spaces will allow the creation of a community that will be able to take advantage of the new areas integrated into the pre-existing ones; the development of mixed functions and accessory services will make the neighbourhood come alive; recreational and cultural programmes will allow - also through collaborations with associations and companies in the area - the activation of communities and the creation of a new centrality for Milan, also in public-private partnerships.

The materials used were chosen for their sustainability characteristics (recyclability, reuse, environmental friendliness), all buildings will be LEED® certified, building structures will be permanent and temporary ones will be reusable. More than 30% of the energy will be produced through the installation of photovoltaic systems; rainwater will be collected and reused, reducing the use of drinking water by more than 50%. The building will achieve complete carbon neutrality during use.

The layout of the Olympic Village is organised in three functional sectors. The residential area and some collective services are defined in the final destination as student housing following criteria of ease of adaptation between the Olympic phase and the final one. The central part is destined for the services and functionalities proper to the Olympic phase that will later be reconverted into private services of general interest. The pedestrian paths form a structuring part of the system, with planting and landscaping of the collective outdoor spaces. The athletes' residences will be reused for their new purpose of student housing (about 1,700 beds) that can also be used by other professional categories outside the academic period; the buildings on the park and railway side in the area of the Olympic square will be used for free and subsidised housing.

"The Olympic Village will represent a new urban laboratory for Milan, the first to be conceived and realised in its future configuration with spaces, functions and materials already designed for their conversion to NZEB impact. It represents our commitment to ESG through COIMA ESG City Impact, the first Italian closed-end investment fund with measurable objectives for sustainable regeneration of the national territory." Manfredi Catella


 COIMA ESG City Impact Fund con investimento nel Fondo Porta Romana
 07/2025 (Evento Olimpico febbraio 2026, apertura studentato settembre 2026)
  140,000,000.00 €
 SOM - Skidmore Owings & Merrill
 Raggruppamento temporaneo di impresa tra: C.E.V. S.P.A. (Capogruppo Mandataria), IMPRESA COSTRUZIONI GRASSI E CRESPI S.R.L. (Mandante) e MILANI S.P.A. (Mandante).
 COIMA REM S.r.l., Mpartner, Deerns, CEAS, J&A, Antonio Corbo-Davide Luraschi, Progetto CMR, Studio Planning, Bcube, Advanced Engineering
 Donato Di Bello e Alberto Fanelli

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