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SDA Bocconi School of Management, innovative and tailor-made solutions and languages

Il Prisma

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Il Prisma

The design draws inspiration from the concepts of life, learning and beauty to put people's socialization at the centre. Working closely with the client to find together innovative and tailor-made solutions and languages, the design team of designers developed the concept called "A School of cultures, between the fluidity of spaces and concepts, identity and context". People are at the center of design attention and environments, conceived to stimulate collaboration and socialization, welcome moments of celebration of successes and create opportunities for indoor and outdoor leisure and learning.

The historic Villa Morgagni in Via Nibby 20 dates back to a 1939 project by architect Armando Brasini. The building, which has a basement and three floors above ground, was entirely renovated by Il Prisma to bring to life the new headquarters. The redevelopment involved both an intervention on the façade – besides the cleaning works, a new architectural lighting system was installed to emphasize the beauty of the building – and a total restyling and modernization of the interiors, with new finishes and facilities, respecting the historical part, marble, stucco, decorations. The look and feel of the space dialogues with the genius loci of the villa and the city, bringing it back into the rooms through materials reworked in a contemporary key.

SDA Bocconi School of Management chose to pursue a certification to protect users’ health and well-being. The WELL Health & Safety certification provides for the drafting and applying of company procedures and policies regarding the management and maintenance of spaces. The areas covered by the certification are: cleaning, emergency management, sanitation and healthcare, air and water quality, and envisage involving all stakeholders.

Flexible classrooms with technological equipment integrated almost imperceptibly into the architecture, lighting that focuses on the person’s well-being, varying itself according to the event, and two new prototypes – a multifunctional chair and a mobile charging turret, are just some of the innovations put in place by Il Prisma for SDA Bocconi’s new Rome headquarters. Almost 2,500 square meters of internal surface, 620 dedicated to educational needs. Eleven classrooms and study areas, and a Workcafè area in the basement: a project with learning spaces capable of generating a sense of belonging and stimulating collaboration and social connection through innovation. A fluid teaching space: no fixed furniture, but everything can be configured according to need. Even the columns for recharging electronic devices can be moved along a grid inside the classrooms. The latter ones are equipped with all the technological systems to allow hybrid teaching in the presence and remotely on 85-inch touchscreen whiteboards. The indoor and outdoor lighting project was developed by applying the principle of Human-centric lighting, which makes it possible to adjust the lighting temperature following the circadian cycle: the color of the light produces a stimulating effect in the morning and a calming effect in the evening, thus favoring the natural sleep-wake cycle.

"With the opening of its School of Management in Rome, Università Bocconi wants to underline its desire to be in touch not only with its alumni, which in the capital has the largest community after Milan, but also its desire to be close to the economic, entrepreneurial and institutional fabric of the entire Centre-South", – Gianmario Verone, Bocconi Rector.


 SDA Bocconi
 Business school
 2450 mq
 Il Prisma
 Stefano Carone, Carlo Carone, Simone Iaboni, Giacomo D'Ugo, Andrea Guardini, Chiara Angelone, Chiara Capocefalo, Francesca Farina, Gaetano Auricchio, Ambra Latini Davide Merlo, Pierluigi Di Felice, Daniele Carlini, Amit Anafi, Giulia Dagradi, Diego Benitez, Annalisa Calastretti, Michele Pini
 Il Prisma
 Vito Corvasce


Il Prisma is an international architecture and planning firm with Italian origins, designing spaces and experiences for the human being. The company has offices in London, Milan, Rome and Lecce, and is divided in 3 Business Units: Cityscape, Worksphere and Destination.
Design Human Life: the way humans live and the architectures they inhabit have always been our focus of attention. We believe that every change needs adequate space to happen. We act in the area of convergence between people and organizations to design spaces rich with life, work and involvement. In a nutshell, we design human life.

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