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Royal Grammar Guildford School in Dubai: a place where to grow, learn, and play

Bogle Architects

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Bogle Architects

The building caters for different age groups of children and the requirement of the local Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) who ultimately grant the educational licence. The KHDA regulation dictate that all children up to the age of 6 years old must have their principle learning space (classroom) on the ground floor. As these schools are weighted towards the early year, ie more children in nursery than sixth form, this dictated the overall length of the school at almost 200 metres long. With the younger children on the ground floor at the narrowest point the building ‘opens-up’ via a central atrium to create a more collegiate space on the upper floor for the older children offering a transition space towards tertiary education.

The Royal Grammar School Guildford Dubai is set in a newly developed masterplan and as such it does not have a built environment to create a relationship with. The main and key design element from the site is the climate with it's many challenges including temeprature up to 40C and sadn storms.

The self shading volumetric solution offers limits the solar heath gain and minimise the use of mechanical cooling in the building.

The creatin of the street define an internal community facilitating the relationship within the different age groups and teahcing subjects.

The design approach was to create a sustainable and environmentally progressive school that would react to the desert climate. With soaring temperatures at parts of the year the design direction was to have a self-shading character that would reduce the glare in the classrooms but also reduce energy consumption within the school. Through exploratory models the design evolved and was tested against ‘sun path analysis’ that not only highlighted that the exterior walls were shaded but also that the external play space was shading throughout the year more than a conventional vertical walled building. The building composition is divided into two elements. The project received the Big Project Middle East Award, ‘Energy Project of the Year’ in 2020

RGS Guildford Dubai is Dubai’s newest state of the art campus and features world-class facilities that provide each pupil with space to grow, learn, and play. The school provides cutting edge labs, light-filled learning spaces, and amazing opportunities for Sports, Music and the Arts. The campus features art, language, music, and technology labs that pupils can use to explore not only during classroom sessions, but also in their own time, as well as an impressive multipurpose auditorium with room for an audience of over 500, providing ample space for school events and presentations. The school also features a two-storey library that combines an extensive collection of physical books with the latest IT technology to provide students with everything they need to research and learn at their own pace. All of the learning areas in the school are linked together by a central ‘street’ area, which provides lots of natural light, an open view of the rest of the building, and a beautiful atrium filled with trees, plants, and biophilic walls upon which other vegetation grows. The school provides extensive support for children’s physical well-being, with a wide array of sports facilities that will host physical education classes, school games, and extracurricular activities. Among these are a 25-metre swimming pool, a smaller pool for young pupils still learning how to swim, and a full-size football pitch.

This is our first project in the UAE and the environmental challenges were clear from day one, so we wanted to make the building as passive as possible. This is where the stepping structure offered a solution for self-shading but also created an internal hierarchy for the distribution of children over the height of the building. The largest spaces at the top for the older children and the more intimate on the lowest floor for the younger children. We are delighted that the project is developing


 United Arab Emirates
 Private Education K-12
 32000 mq
 Bogle Architects
 Ramboll, A61,


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