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Med Campus Linz, an open, modern and above all inspiring place


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With the goal of building a medical faculty which promotes the state-of-the-art-medicine at the Linz location, the client Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH tendered an EU-wide competition in 2015. The project of LORENZATELIERS was unanimously chosen as the winner, as it was the only project that took up the campus idea and split the large building volume into 4 structures, grouping them around a central plaza and breaking it down to a human scale. Not only does the idea of the campus contribute to creating a part of the inner city of Linz, the division in 4 buildings allows the core functions of lecture halls, laboratories, offices and library to be accommodated in their own customized building.

A university that does not stand isolated in the city as a purely self-referential "giant machine", but a diverse organism that communicates with its surroundings. A prime example of the urban-architectural ideal of "connectivity". The central plaza in the midst of the 4 buildings is the intersection of the paths through the site, opening up to the adjacent spaces and becoming an urban meeting place. The individual buildings on their own fulfil their functions - but it is only through the ensemble MEDCAMPUS that urbanity and a common urban district are created in a natural context with the existing buildings. The entire area becomes a diverse organism with many new references.

Connectivity_The special appeal of this project lies in the opportunity to create a piece of the city center with the General Hospital and the University. The campus concept promotes research, exchange and communication. The mixture of teaching and research rooms, offices, library, café, supermarket and stores around an open campus creates a lively and attractive city atmosphere. Building Volumes_The large building volume is grouped in four cubes around the central plaza. The four main functions - lecture halls, laboratories, offices and library - can thus each be accommodated in their own customized building. The division into four separate building volumes makes it possible to develop optimal spatial, technical and design solutions for the different functions. Public functions such as the foyer, a supermarket and a café are arranged on the ground floor around the central plaza. Philosophy_The division into four differently formulated buildings is a philosophical statement: the university is not an instance of a universal truth, but a diverse, open place of learning that is not afraid of contradictions. The choice of four different materials (wood, concrete, ceramics and steel) further emphasizes this character. This campus idea promotes research, exchange and communication, the city itself becomes a model for the educational institution.

Meinhard Lukas, Rector of the Johannes Kepler University: "The winning project of LORENZATELIERS creates an open, modern and above all inspiring place. The people who teach, study and research at the Faculty of Medicine will feel comfortable in these buildings".


 Kepler Universitätsklinikum GmbH
 Medical Faculty
 22 mq
  110,000,000.00 €
 Martin Steinkellner


Internationally active Austrian architecture offices for urbanism, architecture and design, founded in 1980 in Innsbruck by Peter Lorenz. They handle master plans, project development and building planning all the way to its culmination in property handover. Their work is anchored in ethical standards, a humanistic world view, all-embracing accountability and responsibility. Their objective, among other things: achieving long enduring quality and timeless architecture. It is not the ‘style’ that assumes priority, but rather, finding the optimal solution for complex challenges in irreproducible locations. Competent construction management provides the indispensable complement to professional planning. For international projects, local partners of unsurpassed standing are available.
"Our architectural work is accompanied by a profound and penetrating search for the sense behind our actions and the correct, i.e. valid solutions for the assignments we are entrusted with"


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