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CUHK-Shenzhen School Of Medicine(BID Ⅱ), towards a first-class medical education

ZHUBO Design

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ZHUBO Design

This case is CUHK-Shenzhen School Of Medicine(BID Ⅱ), which together with the South Campus section(BID Ⅰ) has become one of the most important components of the campus development map of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen); To become a first-class medical education and research campus that conforms to internationally advanced university campus design concepts and faces the future; Surrounding Shenxian Lake, BID Ⅰ、BID Ⅱ are situated on the mountain and facing each other across the lake, connecting the campus public space with the urban open space, maximizing the activation of campus public vitality, and reshaping the urban spatial order of Shenxian Lake.

The land for the BID Ⅱ is low in the south and high in the north, with a hidden flood discharge box culvert in the middle dividing it into two complete sloping areas on the left and right. We have placed the dedicated research building on the right sloping space and adjacent to external roads to facilitate linkage with other campuses; Arrange two academies and teacher dormitories in the left sloping space for better landscape and less interference. In terms of overall layout, four cluster spaces are formed, and the building is quantified as zero. The spatial interface includes both green activity spaces that open towards Shenxian Lake and concave spaces that open and embrace, forming a waterfront development interface that is both open and closed, as well as close and retreat.

The main entrance, node square, research building, student dormitories, and teacher dormitories of BID Ⅱ are all embrace style recessed spaces, providing a natural sense of immersion for teachers and students entering. With appropriate color and material application, it creates a natural, friendly, and warm feeling of returning home. Following the natural site characteristics and planning concept of BID Ⅱ, propose the facade design principle of integrating nature and ink color environment. At the same time, as a future oriented medical college, it embodies the vitality of Hong Kong's Chinese cultural heritage and innovative campus through curved and flowing horizontal lines and bold color embellishments.

Based on the overall planning concept of "University City Core, Green Vein of Life", we hope that project will form a comprehensive campus open space around Shenxian Lake, with integrated planning, a combination of rigid and flexible architectural forms, and a highlight space that echoes north and south.


 146160 mq
 Yang Weizhong
 Wang Qi, Ye Xiaojuan, Xia Chong, Liu Wubin, Peng Fang, Lin Xingmei, Wang Bei, Zhang Zhiqiang, Li Shanwei, Wang Yuanyuan, Pang Zhenfei, Zhang Jiahao, Lin Shunfa, Li Jiahui, Hu Yue, Zhou Mingliang, Li Yingwei, Wang Yijie, Zhang Yun, He Jianghai, Guo Wenyao, Feng Ye, Guan Tong, Ding Ting, Zhu Yingjiang Chai Hanzi, Chen Yingfeng, Chen Sha, Li Pengcheng, Wang Jiangwei, Chen Yongming, Feng Zhifeng, Li Xiao, Su Jianying, Chen Zihui, Feng Zeming, Zhu Bodi


Zhubo Design Co., Ltd. was established in 1996, restructured into a joint-stock company in 2012, and listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange in 2019 (Stock Code: 300564). It is a comprehensive design organization with two class-A qualifications, including construction industry (construction engineering) and urban planning, four class-B qualifications, including municipal engineering (water supply engineering, road engineering, bridge engineering) and landscape architecture engineering.

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