Grupo Zegnea - Creche Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela, dynamic and flexible architecture
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Creche Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela, dynamic and flexible architecture

Grupo Zegnea

Education  /  Completed
Grupo Zegnea

As the program is very specific and has a lot of concerns and different dynamics, the project was developed with the idea of a box, a piece that protects and intermediates the relations of the outside spaces with the interior program, enhancing each other. This relationship allows the mass counterpoints the void, deconstructing the architectural piece. We sought a balance between the building and its users, avoiding spatial and visual barriers, enhancing the fluidity between all the spaces.

The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela Nursery emerge from the terrain in a natural way, on a stable platform, inserting itself into the hillside as a terrace. Since the exterior shape is very simple – a box – the rigid platform reinforces the horizontality of the piece. The volume rises in continuity with its surrounding spaces and the platform where it leans establishes a peaceful relationship with the other natural platforms as well as with the buildings on the Campus.

This project was thought with the conscience about sustainable energy, as the engineer specialties were projected according to that. In a way to make the building more efficient, the materials were selected to respond to the building necessities as well as the environmental ones. Starting with solar panels that receive energy to the building, window frames with a thermal cut to keep the interior temperature and materials with an ecologic footprint, the project was studied with these concerns. This building was nominated for some awards likewise Finalist of the A+Awards 2021 hosted by Architizer, and Finalist of Awards Construir 2021 hosted by Jornal Construir. It was also published in some architecture publications such as archdaily, architizer, archilovers, etc.

The Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela Nursery was based on the idea of childhood as an innocent and dynamic era of our lives. The era when everything is possible and allowed, and when everything should be stimulating. That’s the idea of this project – create a stimulating building, where different dynamics should be reflected on its skin. According to this, the curved lines appear as a reference to the child, his dynamics, and his agitation about the world, questioning everything. Thus, the curved lines and the circumferences represent the balance, counterpointing the hardness of the box itself. Therefore, this balance seeks a dynamic space so that the building achieves a single lightness. The fluidity and natural spaces that we sought in the Nursery, are likewise reflected in its plan and elevations.

This building comprises a range of principles of Grupo Zegnea, adapted to the specific program of a nursery, keeping the focus on creating dynamic and flexible architecture.


 Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Vizela
 12652 mq
 Grupo Zegnea
 Grupo Zegnea
 João Morgado


Grupo Zegnea appears in Guimarães, in the year 2008, complementing the activity developed by Blonorte, that counts with more than 40 years of experience, integrating the services of Zegnea - Architecture and Zegnea – Real Estate, with focus in the expansion of an architectural solution internally.

In that matter, Grupo Zegnea aligns architecture to construction and real estate, making each project since the elaboration of the architecture, management, coordination and execution of every aspect relating to the construction, making a product that was thought and built, since the beginning to the end, with the highest standard, quality and aesthetic. The projects and builds executed by Grupo Zegnea are distinguished by elegance and simplicity, valuing the quality of the drawing and the materials as well as the rigor and the mastery in the execution.

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