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The renovation of the Winter Olympics Community of Beijing

Deng Xiangyu,Gao Baojiang,Tang Guoxiu,Gao Yongqiang

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Deng Xiangyu,Gao Baojiang,Tang Guoxiu,Gao Yongqiang

Taking the opportunity of the city environment renovation and old community transformation for the Olympics, the comprehensive community regeneration project have been taken place since 2019. By working closely as an interdisciplinary team, it tries to promote the community regeneration from multi dimensions including space, ecology, society, economy, governance, etc., explore the sustainable community improvement mechanism and the overall strategies driven by big events of the Winter Olympics, aiming at creating a community atmosphere with more all-age-friendship, sustainable ecology, pleasant landscape, cultural inheritance, neighborhood harmony and healthy life.

Transform the old commercial building in the center of the community into the Community Cultural Center. On the basis of retaining and reusing the frame structure and outer wall bricks of the original building, through strengthening the structure, renovating the facade, cleaning the courtyard, reconstructing the open and flexible space layout, various new functions such as sports and fitness, reading and cultural innovation, nursery and leisure, exhibition and performance are implanted based on the demands of residents. It has functioned as an important carrier for displaying and experiencing the Winter Olympics culture, facilitating all-age residents’ communication, rebuilding neighborhood relations and activating community culture.

The architectural space is based on the traditional Chinese courtyard and hutong forms. With the concept of open and sharing, four public spaces are used to form an open and diversified exhibition and interaction place. The original building at the street corner was demolished to release the original cramped space at the entrance to the school. All indoor and outdoor spaces keep the same height difference, reflecting humanistic care. Grey bricks from the demolished old buildings in the community were collected, and used as part of the facade of the center, which has retained the culture and memory of the community while recycling.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics have left a valuable legacy for host cities and regional development. Formed Beijing - double Olympic City, industrial rejuvenation and vitality rejuvenation". In May 2019, the BoCOG awarded gaojing Road Community in Guangning Street as the first "Winter Olympic Community" in China. In July 2021, the General Administration of Sport of China awarded the "Ice and Snow Community". Adhering to the "games make the community more beautiful" philosophy, the shijingshan district government attaches great importance to and committed to making the games community for the shijingshan district "business card" snow and ice, ice activities organization characteristics, into the spirit of the games are culture, promote the community environment, upgrade the quality of life of residents, make it show the games events, publicity excellent culture, the image of the city window, We will help "encourage 300 million people to participate in snow and ice sports" for the Winter Olympics. As the design team of the Winter Olympics community, Tsinghua Tongheng has been following up this work for 2 years, and finally presented the new highlights of the Winter Olympics community renewal project to the residents, and witnessed the community life is more wonderful because of the Winter Olympics.

arry out facade renovation and landscape improvement of the main road Gaojinglu, as well as add street furniture, rest chairs, green plants, and standardize parking, so as to form a life "path" with pleasant green shade and priority of slow walking; ecologically restore the river gully, upgrade the landscape along the river, and construct riverside footpaths to connect multiple open spaces along the river, forming a leisure "area" with river and greenery interwoven. Special attention is paid


 Guangning Sub District Office
 2495 mq
  2,020,000.00 €
 Deng Xiangyu
 Gao Baojiang,Tang Guoxiu,Gao Yongqiang
 ANTAI Building
 Gao Baojiang


Tsinghua Tongheng's project covers 31 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions, and 1 special administrative region (Macao) throughout the country,

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Since 2006, it has won 381 awards at the provincial and ministerial level, including 43 international awards.


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