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Stanley A. Milner Library Renewal, a social and creative hub

Teeple Architects

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Teeple Architects

Stanley A. Milner Library Renewal was conceived to reimagine and reshape the existing library as a physical expression of EPL’s forward-thinking values and civic role – The Library of the Future. The building's skin and circulation orchestras the experience of the library. The multi-storey atrium creates a variety of inspiring spaces, interconnects multiple program spaces and destinations, woven together by an intuitive and accessible circulation path. Its’ 21st century library amenities include a third space, large galleria spaces, a café, a children’s library, makerspace, teaching kitchen and an Indigenous gather space, designed in collaboration with local Cree elders forming the heat of the building. The renewed building supports the library’s position as a social and creative hub.

Inspiration for the dynamic exterior began with the desire for the new “skin” of the building to be more than a cosmetic application. Introduced as a continuous wrap around the building, the new skin was offset and then stretched off the original building to make visual connections to adjacent landmarks. By stretching and opening out to the City, a meaningful relationship is created where the surrounding urban environment helps shape the life of the Library and vice versa. As part of the renewal, an accessible, civic plaza space was restored, a new public galleria connects the civic Sir Winston Churchill Square and Centennial Square, and connections to new the LRT station inside and out. The building meaningfully interacts with its urban context through its dynamic form and materiality.

Sustainability was an integral component of the design of the renewed library. For the creation of a highly durable, high-performance envelope a zinc metal was chosen to work with the form of the building and reflect the timelessness of the design. Zinc production has less environmental impact, requiring less energy to refine compared to aluminum, copper, or stainless steel, and is completely recyclable. The Azengar zinc used on Milner is developed using an eco-design approach by reducing acids, effluents, and water consumption in its manufacture. Utilizing a highly insulated rainscreen building envelope also helps to improve the thermal performance and bring more natural light into the building. Milner has won several awards including the Green Library Award from IFLA in 2021.

The circulation system of the Library is designed as a natural sequence of wayfinding and navigating your way through the building, connecting you and leading you to the multitude of programs. From the bridge you can see the entrance to the Children's Library and main circulation desk on the Ground Floor as well as the main stair and escalator that will lead you upstairs. The vibrancy of seeing people ahove you and activity beyond you draws you across the bridge on onto your journey of discovery through the Stanley A. Milner Library.

A key feature of the renewed building is the mulit-storey interior atrium which creates a variety of inspiring spaces, intuitive and accessible circulation paths, and improve sightlines with dynamic views between areas. The updated interiors

The renewal of the Milner Library was a major undertaking. Teeple was up to the task. Working with diverse users groups arriving at an amazingly innovative design that met everyone's needs is a testament to Stephen Teeple and his team’s ability to actively listen, proactively engage and effectively communicate. The renovation brought undiscovered conditions and complications at every turn Teeple addressed all issues with patience, collaboration and creativity. The result is truly astonishining!


 Edmonton Public Library; City of Edmonton
 15237 mq
  50,000,000.00 $
 Design Architect: Teeple Architects; Architect of Record: Stantec (formerly Architecture | Tkalcic Bengert)
 Design Team: Stephen Teeple; Richard Lai; Christian Joakim; Avery Guthrie; Omar Aljebouri; Will Elsworthy; Mahsa Majidian; James Janzer; Rob Cheung; Petra Bogias; Tomer Diamant; Sahel Tahvildari; Julie Jira; Tara Selvaraj; Dhroov Patel; Fadi Salib; Eric Boelling; Marine de Carbonnieres; Ali Aurangozeb; Stantec / Architecture | Tkalcic Bengert: Brian Bengert; Dawna Moen; Kristi Olson; Shaune Smith; Ian Colville; Carol Regino; Eric Hui; Alyssa Haas; Derrik Kennedy; Ana Borovac; Ben Brackett; Joseph Chan; Ted Fast; Erika Hostede; Matt Roper; Bryanne Larsen.
 Clark Builders
 Structural Engineers: Fast & Epp; Mechanical Engineers: Arrow Engineering Inc.; Electrical Engineers: AECOM; Civil Engineers: AECOM; Façade: RJC; LEED Consultant: WSP (Formerly Enermodal); Acoustic: SLR Consulting (Canada); Landscape: Scatliff+ Miller+Murray; Environmental: Gradient Wind; Vertical Transportation: Vinspec; Code: Kim Karn Consulting Inc.
 Andrew Latreille, Latreille Architectural Photography


pragmatic optimism. Founded in 1989 in Toronto, Canada, the firm has built a reputation for design leadership through a broad range of acclaimed institutional, commercial and residential projects. Our practice integrates sustainability and technical expertise with formal exploration to create buildings that embody the dynamism of the communities they serve. Drawing on the collective expertise of a diverse and talented team of design professionals, we work with discipline and imagination to shape ideas into places that bring aspirations to life. We have received some of architecture’s most esteemed national and international awards including six Governor General’s Medals for Architecture (Canada’s highest architectural honour), six AIA awards, a Holcim Award for sustainable innovation, and four Innovation in LEED® Awards, and have been recognized by The Plan Awards three times.

Since1954 Stantec has had a community an relationship focus, with a legacy in leadership.



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