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Villa Orizzonte, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor

UNICA Architects

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UNICA Architects

Among the main objectives of the project was to consider the integration of the building into the context as a guiding element for the development of the entire concept. The new volume is conceived as a perforated box where the roof becomes a unifying element, and a play of solids and voids defines the composition of the spaces. The villa blends into the landscape as a horizontal architecture open towards the horizon, where light, water, and vegetation become constructive materials. The interior spaces ensure visual continuity, blurring the boundary between indoor and outdoor, and create a constant tension between the built environment and nature.

The project considers the landscape as the genesis of its forms in the pursuit of enhancing the natural surroundings and minimizing environmental impact. The building is located in a rural area, on the outskirts of an urban cluster facing a river. Its presence is perceived in the landscape as a gentle gesture of horizontality, respecting the colors and environmental characteristics of the place. The roof's perforations become small private courtyards, as if they were episodes of domestic landscapes. Crossing the house is a ever-changing walk where the volumes are visually connected, and the materials blend with the vegetation, creating a harmonious integration with the natural environment.

The building has been designed following sustainable construction criteria, combining active and passive bioclimatic systems to ensure comfortable internal climatic conditions and reduce energy consumption. The south-facing portico promotes cross ventilation, lowering the internal temperature, and the openings in the roof create Mediterranean courtyards that host vegetation and provide protection from the sun's rays during the summer. The building follows the EPBD directive by incorporating photovoltaic and solar panels and meeting the requirements to obtain the Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) classification. During construction, a dry system was adopted for the vertical facades, avoiding the use of harmful solvents and deviating from traditional construction methods.

The project of Villa Orizzonte is based on a minimalist approach where architecture is conceived as a lightweight gesture in an open landscape, with volumes delicately inserted to respect the context and strive for minimal environmental impact. The building's position fully harnesses natural bioclimatic benefits, with openings and closures facilitating cross ventilation of the rooms and allowing for the entry and shading of sunlight throughout the day and seasons.

The presence of the outdoor pool not only provides shelter during the summer but also contributes to maintaining summer cooling, helping to preserve the external microclimate of the villa. By employing both passive and active bioclimatic systems, the project seeks to minimize energy consumption and ensure comfortable internal climatic conditions.

The south-facing portico promotes cross ventilation, lowering the internal temperature and reducing the need for air conditioning. The perforations in the roof create Mediterranean courtyards that host vegetation and protect from the sun's rays during the summer, further reducing the reliance on artificial cooling systems. Villa Orizzonte benefits from its geographical position by maximizing natural resources.

The building prioritizes the health and well-being of its occupants by using non-toxic materials and improving indoor air quality.

Walking through the house is a continuous journey of discovery. Each day, I notice new details and contemplate new perspectives. The play of light gives the house a transformative quality; traversing it in the morning, afternoon, or evening presents vastly different experiences. The landscape always makes its presence felt, perfectly integrated within the boundaries of the house. Every room serves as a window to the outside world, offering unobstructed views of the horizon.


 785 mq
 Lorenzo Capucci, Riccardo Robustini
 Giulia Arduini
 Lighting design: Venturelli arte e luce - Landscape Design: Frassinago Garden and Landscape Federico Ratta
 Casone Group,Boffi, Salvatori, Skyframe, Linvisibile, Antoniolupi, Oikos, B&B Italia, Porro, Living Divani, Molteni, Talenti Outdoor, Viabizzuno, Ivano Radaelli
 Mariela Apollonio


UNICA Architects is a multidisciplinary studio specialized in architecture and design, with offices in Bologna and Dubai. Founded in 2014 by architects Lorenzo Capucci and Riccardo Robustini, UNICA places at the core of its activity the ability to approach the project with a critical and innovative perspective, adapting ideas and desires to the client's needs.

Our multidisciplinary team, composed of about a dozen professionals, along with our network of specialists, is dedicated to creating creative and technical solutions for complex projects of any scale, anywhere in the world. We believe in the transformative power of architecture in storytelling and evoking emotions. Our approach revolves around the integration of natural elements, placing them at the center of our creative process in order to prioritize well-being and the human experience.



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