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Chalet Selva, a diamond-shaped alpine architecture


Villa  /  Completed

The building was created in an alpine context strongly characterized by traditional types with pitched roofs and aims to rework traditional lingues in a highly innovative key, with an unprecedented exterior ant an daring interior spatial concept, developed on six communicating floors, linked together with a sculptural staircase on free curves.

Despite the extensive use of wood, as in traditional buildings, a formal synthesis was sought based on strongly tapered elements, intertwined in completely unusual patterns and visual structures, close to multidimensional weaves on light and shadows.

Retaining the forms of traditional roofs, the design prefigures an original form of a diamond-shaped, strongly asymmetrical roof, with long vertical pilasters that encircle the inner body of the building, like a light robe the body of a dancer, playing with the play of light and shadow and recreating a strongly plastic and sculptural volume, different at every hour of the day, depending on the position of the sun.

One of the most intensively researched design points lies in the choice of all-natural materials, such as locally sourced wood and stone, and their surface treatment, which enhances their plastic and tactile values. The technical core, on the other hand, is built in a highly performance involcro under the aspects of energy saving, environmental comfort, indoor air quality, heating and cooling with renewable energy; not surprisingly the building achieved the highest rating in the category for sustainable buildings, with the certification "CasaClima A nature"

The most intense challenge was on the architectural language, adhering on the one hand to the Alpine tradition, on the other hand, a statement of themes of contemporary research, with a very intense relationship between outdoor spaces, diaphragm courts, open interior volumes on six levels, plastic connecting elements, such as the propeller staircase with sculptural values, dialogue between materials, play of light and shadows with sometimes dramatic effects, depending on the position of the sun.
Another strongly characterizing aspect was that of the verticalisation of the empty spaces, the so called internal void’s, such as the one already mentioned of the sculptural staircase, that of the double height "sculpture chamber", that of the three-height upper living room, very rare spatial themes ,to be found in alpine even contemporary, Architecture, typically crushed by horizontal and flat spatial modulations.

To crown the architectural design, an extremely happy coexistence of architecture with artifacts by outstanding contemporary artists, specially made for this work at the wish of the clients, and the great care of the green surfaces, with their own life cycle literally grafted and intertwened into the architectural spaces at different heights.

A project of complex conception and realization, on an impervious, high-altitude alpine terrain. The most difficult challenge was certainly the formal one, that of making tradition and contemporaneity coexist in one building; then, the technical one, locally sourced natural materials with an advanced technical realization, and finally the architectural one, of being able to coexist a fluid, contemporary and articulated spatiality with the rigid volumetry imposed by traditional alpine buildings.


 Selva Val Gardena - BZ South Tyrol
 P.B. Paris (F)
 1500 mq
 Alessandro Costanzia e Alberto Montesi
 Giuseppe Curzi, Francesca Favretto, Ilaria Lezzieri, Andrea Bizzozero, Evelyn Mercuri, Valeria Docile
 Ploner Bau
 Gunnar Mintah M&M Bolzano, Antonio Nigro, Mirko Beikircher
 LignoAlp, MetallBau Ritten, Aquaspecial, HOFER Group, Budri, Soraman,


blueARCH is the architecture studio of Alessandro Costanzia and Alberto Montesi, active since its foundation in housing issues, with projects in Italy and abroad, in Spain, Canada and recently in Florida, of individual villas and building complexes in areas of particular environmental and urban value.
The work of blueArch has been the subject of various thematic exhibitions, including the latest, Archipaintings (Caldaro, 2022), dedicated to the world of painting and architectural drawing and the one currently underway in Venice, The Swarm Project, collateral to the 18th Architecture Biennale, dedicated to a nomadic architecture project, in its poetic journey around the globe.

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