Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch - MicroNature, a Pavilion designed for Design Shanghai / Xintiandi Design Festival 2022
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MicroNature, a Pavilion designed for Design Shanghai / Xintiandi Design Festival 2022

Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch

Special Projects  /  Completed
Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch

The urban environment in China is mostly composed of high density fabrics that reveal various linear geometries. Conversely, nature is filled with complex and organic forms. These different sceneries create a strong contrast between linear geometry and organic form. Traditional Chinese architecture combined the geometric linearity from the architectural system and the organic vocabulary from the landscape system. Through integrating the cube form with the inner curvilinear void, MicroNature reinterprets the artistic conception of traditional Chinese architecture by representing the duality of nature and artificiality. Meanwhile, the wormhole-like inner void echoes the form of rockery in traditional Chinese gardens with contemporary design language and digital fabrication technology.

The MicroNature Pavilion is designed for Design Shanghai / Xintiandi Design Festival 2022, an annual art event which aims to promote public art and forging connections within the historical urban center in Shanghai. Located at the threshold in-between city’s old town and new developments, this installation creates a futuristic, canyon-like void within a 10x10x10’ geometric cube. While integrating natural, technological and futuristic elements, the installation of MicroNature becomes a "micro park" in the urban environment that reflects on the city’s past, present and future.

An open apparatus for visitors to explore its multiple spatial definitions in their own ways, MicroNature is parametrically designed and digitally fabricated with PLA, providing an urban furniture for visitors. The internal space of MicroNature is designed to provide diverse experience for visitors with intimate humanistic scales. Children can't wait to climb in the installation and play among the internal folds. Adults can easily find a "chair" of a suitable height to rest, or find an ideal spot to experience the futuristic atmosphere created by the changes of shadow and color. MicroNature is not only an artificial natural landscape, but also an urban furniture that promotes human-urban interactions.

Conceived as an abstract MicroNature in urban setting, this pure cubic outer shell with an organic, curvilinear inner void, represents the juxtaposition of artificial and natural elements, the mixture of rationality and sensibility. It articulates the contrast between nature and artificiality. MicroNature offers visitors an immersive experience to discover the inner void that reveals a sense of wonder and mystery.


 9 mq
 Ping Jiang
 Ping Jiang, Iris Li, Michelle Bao, Ling Niu, Sai Leng


Atelier Ping Jiang | EID Arch is a leading international practice for architecture and urbanism. Led by Founding Principal Ping Jiang, FAIA, who established the Shanghai based practice in 2015, the firm strives to provide environmentally sensitive and innovative design solutions for architecture and urban environment. The practice is founded on the belief that architecture should concern itself with the environment, and is deeply committed to design excellence, innovation and sustainability.

Atelier Ping Jiang’s work has received numerous international design awards and has been published in architectural journals internationally. His work has been featured at international art exhibition and biennial. In 2021, Ping Jiang was named to AD 100 as one of the 100 most influential designers working in China. The practice received AIA International Firm Award in 2022.


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