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Rondò dei Talenti, aiming at permeability and transparency

cm2 Associati

Renovation  /  Completed
cm2 Associati

Completing the shape of the circle to emphasize the character of the building, which has a 360-degree view of the city and the surrounding landscape; Enhancing the entrance through a quadruple-height atrium that functionally and visually connects all floors of the building; Renewing and strengthen the image of the building by giving a new look to the facade on the Garibaldi roundabout; Merging inside and outside with a floor design that expands from the ground floor of the building invading the surrounding open space. These guidelines have characterized the development of the project, which aims to redevelop the building from an architectural and urban point of view, recognizing its strategic position and exceptional nature within the context in which it is inserted.

The roads that define the lot have very different uses: a wide avenue with an urban feel, with greater cycle-pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and a more domestic road, linked to local traffic. This interpretation gave rise to the idea of ​​completely opening the lot towards the avenue and towards the street, creating a new public space that completely surrounds the building. Thanks to an agreement with the municipality, it was possible to make the service road pedestrian. The glazed extension defines the new urban front towards the Garibaldi square and roundabout, which is one of the access "gates" to the city.

The thermal energy required for heating the rooms in winter and for the production of hot water is derived from a heat exchanger fed by the city's district heating network; the cold heat transfer fluid generation system in summer consists of a high-efficiency air-water refrigeration unit of the silenced type, installed - together with the photovoltaic system - on the roof of the building. The whole building is served by a control and regulation system to maximize the active energy efficiency of the technical systems installed, in relation to the external environmental conditions and the different use and occupation profiles of the rooms. The building has obtained the LEED Certification.

The building embodies the idea of ​​working on different degrees of permeability and transparency: on the one hand, the glass extension, light and transparent, guarantees visual continuity between the city and the interior; on the other hand, the renewed masonry façade, massive and compact, contains and protects the functions reserved for cultural and educational activities. In the masonry part, the klinker cladding helps to enhance the shape of the building, thanks to the reflections of the material when it is struck by grazing light. The glass extension on the Rondò Garibaldi side houses a new atrium which physically and visually connects all the floors of the building; thanks to the quadruple height, the entrance becomes a unique and monumental space that surprises those who enter, allows you to easily read the structure and functions of the building and becomes a place of transition between outside and inside. The added roof floor houses a multipurpose space for events, conferences or exhibitions, open to the public; from here there is access to a panoramic terrace overlooking the city and the surrounding Alps. The ground floor is completely permeable: thanks to the pedestrianization of the service road and the elimination of the fences, it has been possible to create a new pedestrian square characterized by a concentric diamond pattern that emphasizes the centrality of the building in the public space.

The architectural project, characterized by large windows that open up the view over the city and the mountains of the Alps, connects with the activities proposed inside the building which aim to open up new perspectives and offer food for thought to interpret the present and design your own future. An invitation to the city to open up to discovery and to come and explore the Rondò dei Talenti and the proposed activities.


 Fondazione CRC - Cassa di Risparmio di Cuneo
 Polo Educativo e Culturale
 3800 mq
  5,300,000.00 €
 cm2 Associati
 Marco Oriani, Francesco Adorni, Flavia Brajon, Ana Tevzadze, Pietro Gualazzi, Giuseppe Tagliabue
 Fantino Costruzioni spa
 L2 Progetti srl, Studio 3 Energy Associati, P2A Design, FOR Engineering
 Schueco, iGuzzini, ERCO, Saint Gobain, Decoral, King Klinker, Marazzi, Nodoo, AGC
 Davide Galli


m2 Associati is a professional studio specializing in the design and refurbishment of office buildings, production headquarters and buildings for the community; the design approach is characterized by a holistic and pragmatic vision, sensitive to environmental issues and the relationship with the context, with the aim of triggering urban quality through the architectural project.
The professional activity is carried out through the use of BIM software, from the preliminary phase to the construction site, on interventions of different scales, successfully completing highly complex projects and keeping all aspects of the project under control in an integrated and coordinated manner.
In addition to dealing with private commissions, the studio participates in national and international design competitions.

Partner: Arch. Francesco Adorni; Arch. Marco Oriani
Collaborators: Arch. Pietro Gualazzi; Arch. Ana Tevzadze; Dott. Arch. Fruzsina Serfozo

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