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Open space system as a connector with urban spaces


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The opportunity to settle in a very large productive area already selected by major players in the logistics sector but with infrastructure deficiencies and quality issues in the built environment has suggested the idea of rethinking the entire settlement as a logistics park that, in addition to functional specialization, defines a high-quality productive urban fabric. It is not just a summation of lots for productive purposes but rather creating new production spaces connected through a sequence of public spaces designed for both the productive fabric and the adjacent urban fabric. Therefore, the concept of a logistics park represents the search for new answers to the design of new industrial areas.

The logistics park project involves a connective system of open spaces and relationships with the surrounding settlement fabric and distribution to the logistics facilities. The redevelopment of the existing road axis has been the organizing element for the design of public spaces that interact with the urban context. Along the tree-lined avenue, a pedestrian and cycling path is developed, connecting to the existing cycling network and green areas. The central axis also provides access to a system of public parking areas exclusively for heavy vehicles, which are currently absent in the area. The green project includes a system of neighborhood public open spaces for both residents and visitors of the logistics park, serving as a framework for environmental enhancement and mitigation.

The project aims to achieve LEED® PLATINUM certification. This protocol recognizes exemplary performance in key areas of human health and the environment. The intervention will therefore favor an innovative approach, from design to construction, and throughout the operational phase. The logistics park will no longer be analyzed solely in terms of energy consumption of individual buildings but rather considering the entire life cycle of the settlement. Additionally, the new activities that will be established within the facilities will lead to a significant increase in local employment. The park will not only employ individuals engaged in goods handling activities but also qualified and specialized professionals.

The logistics park project has been interpreted, in agreement with the municipal administration, as an opportunity to address existing issues in the neighborhood. Firstly, it involves the completion and redevelopment of the road system and parking facilities. It also strengthens the soft mobility system and public transportation network, as well as enhances the quality of public open spaces serving the entire neighborhood. Additionally, a Service Center for carriers is planned, centrally located within the entire area, in line with the most advanced international experiences. The Center will serve as a welcoming "platform" offering various food and accommodation services, personal services, and technical services for vehicles in transit.

The collaboration with the Administration has allowed us to promote a cutting-edge logistics settlement, not only for the Italian market but also a globally competitive logistics park. This has enabled us to maximize the strategic location and the available area to its fullest potential.


 WEERTS Logistics Park
 48820 mq
 Arch. Denis Juliano Zaffaroni
 Ing. Filippo Salis, Arch. Stefania Mannironi, Ing. Emanuela Plasmati, Arch. Irem Okandan, Ing. Caterina Panteghini, Ing. Paolo Faccioli, Arch. Asya Okkan
 WEERTS Logistics Park
 Riccardo Urso


S.F.R.E. SRL • Services For Real Estate is a Project & Construction Management company established in 2016 in Milan, driven by Filippo Salis' desire to create a team of professionals capable of meeting the needs in the building and engineering field, logistics, and light-industrial properties, following the core service of Project Management. SFRE designs properties that represent added value both for the territory in which they are located and for the community that can benefit from the advantages derived from warehouse. To achieve this goal, the company conducts thorough studies through a team of highly skilled professionals with a strong know-how in the Logistics Real Estate sector, enabling them to establish an effective working method. In order to achieve significant results, SFRE carefully considers the intended use of the property, which serves as a starting point to study engineering solutions that are more suitable to meet clients' expectations and the needs of end users.


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