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Infineon Villach, a new, fully automated chip factory

Architects Collective

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Architects Collective

Hi-tech company Infineon is expanding its Austrian headquarters in Villach with a new, fully automated chip factory for the production of power semiconductors on 300-millimeter thin wafers. The expansion includes the cleanroom factory, a central utility building, offices, ancillary and storage buildings. With an investment of 1.6 billion Euros, the project will create 400 high qualified jobs. The growing global importance of semiconductor production is reflected in the architecture and the unique aesthetics and elegance of the façade.

The design refers to the existing structures while at the same time breaking up the very large mass of the whole and giving the extension its own individual character. In order to mirror the façade style of the existing buildings – albeit on a significantly larger scale -, corrugated aluminium panels were used. This time however, the panels were also rotated 90 degrees at irregular intervals, creating a dynamic but clear patchwork pattern that visually breaks up the large volume of the various buildings. This arrangement reacts to the weather and light conditions, constantly changing the appearance of the building through a play of light and shadows.

Austria’s largest private investment project of the last several decades makes full use of BIM and fast-track project management processes. Planning and construction phases seamlessly overlap, creating a dynamic planning environment. The planning of extremely diverse building types with international partner firms is a challenging undertaking which was achieved thanks to the latest IT technology and planning in virtual space. After planning and construction phases lasting three years, the high-tech chip factory was completed in August 2021, 3 months ahead of schedule. This facility marks a milestone in the construction history of Europe. It strengthens Europe’s security and competitiveness in an age of growing demand for power semi-conductors. 70,000 cubic meters of concrete and 18,000 tons of steel were used in this construction, which occupies an area equivalent to 8.5 soccer fields.

To design a Semiconductor Facility is a major technical challenge to integrate a variety of complex infrastructure systems with focus on execution speed and operational stability. Even more it is a challenge to realize an architectural unique characteristic for such a massive functional building complex. It is indeed remarkable to provide this with extraordinary smart and reduced design elements which continuously change the building impression, like a living organism. Andreas Wittmann, Infineon


 Infineon Technologies Austria AG
 Production of power semiconductors, office spaces and ancillary buildings
 105.000 mq
 Architects Collective ZT-GmbH, Wien & HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart & UNIT4 GmbH & Co KG, Stuttgart
 Architects Collective ZT-GmbH, Wien & HWP Planungsgesellschaft mbH, Stuttgart & UNIT4 GmbH & Co KG, Stuttgart
 Exyte GmbH, Stuttgart
 Hertha Hurnaus


Architects Collective was founded in 2006 by Andreas Frauscher, Richard Klinger and Kurt Sattler. In 2023 Sonja Paar-Tschuppik joined the management board as general officer. The office has realized numerous national and international projects in the fields of Architecture and general planning: from small, innovative structures to large, complex buildings as well as the planning and management of urban development master plans. Among the most famous buildings are the Klinikum Klagenfurt hospital complex, which received the Austrian Client Awards in 2011, the Ozuluama Residence in Mexico City, the Glanhof residential complex in Klagenfurt, the Nett winery in the Pfalz, the A-NOBIS winery Norbert Szigeti in Austria´s Burgenland region and the Infineon Villach chipfactory with office and ancillary buildings, which is Grand Prix Winner of BIG SEE AWARD 2023 in the category industrial buildings.

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