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LianBio Office: the delicate and futuristic esthetics of biotechnology


Interior  /  Completed

The spatial layout of the office space is based on the concepts of molecules and cells, and responds to both public and private needs. Like cells, private spaces such as conference rooms, offices, telephone rooms, storage, and planting areas, are arranged organically and in consistent form. Scattered about the workspace, fixed and mobile workstations and rest area benches reflect a variety of molecular chain structures and are enclosed by the cell space. The design also aims to weaken the occlusion of structural columns. Some of the columns are arranged with fixed furniture or partitions, and some are presented in the form of open compartments near the curtain wall. Moreover, the circulation is generated accordingly through the organic and geometric rounded space.

LianBio is an emerging global biotechnology company focused on catalyzing the development and accelerating the availability of paradigm-shifting medicines in Asia. Located in Kerry Parkside in Shanghai’s Pudong District, the site is limited in size due to large structural columns and small spatial depth. Furthermore, the number of workstations and diversity of functional requirements proposed by the client far exceed those in conventional projects. Therefore, spatial layout, public and private integration, and overall project scale were all major challenges under the restrictions of this project.

With the embellishment of the wooden colors and green plants, not just the basic function of purifying the air, but the stress relieved and create a comfortable working environment. Gradient glass and white perforated steel plates create varying degrees of transparency, echoing the relationship between the cell membrane and the cell wall, and improving the visuals of the confined space. The design team also parameterized a world map, which was abstracted into a lattice figure and set on the perforated steel plate at the main entrance. In addition, blue pins can also be inserted into the holes. To those outside the company, this figure showcases the international span of LianBio. To employees inside, it has become a dynamic strategic blueprint for business development.

LianBio’s Shanghai office takes elements of biomedical science and integrates them into the design, forming an organized, organic space, and smooth, balanced circulation. The enclosed area is like an arrangement of cells, and the open workstations and furniture are molecular sequences. Entering from the center, the balanced, streamlined layout is diffused to the two wings, forming a dynamic-static and public-private spatial sequence. To make the office space conforms to the aesthetics of biomedical science and technology, matte warm white, pale wood, and light grey materials combined with cold-tone green plants and strip lights are used to create a quiet, rational, and humanistic work environment. Meanwhile, the visual transparency of materials and the utilization of green plants serve to maximize the potential of the spatial structure and create a calm, futuristic aesthetic with biotechnology themes.

LianBio’s Shanghai office takes elements of biomedical science as the design concept, forming an organized and organic space. The small-molecule and cell-targeted drugs theme furthermore enhances the spatial beauty of science.


 LianBio Office
 650 mq
  322,749.77.00 €
 SHI Xi, WANG Xiaoya, DENG Zexu, HUANG Jiaqi
 Shanghai Neoshi Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.
 FU Qingyuan, NeosSpace


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