NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN - Keikyu ex hotel Sapporo realizes the idea of “work while you travel, travel while you work”
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Keikyu ex hotel Sapporo realizes the idea of “work while you travel, travel while you work”


Interior  /  Completed

Sapporo, Hokkaido, Its high degree of convenience brings a steady stream of people. Yet mountains and national parks surround the city, making it a diverse place where urban life and rich nature coexist. The KEIKYU EX HOTEL SAPPORO is only a one-minute walk away from Sapporo Station. We aimed to create a park-like space that one could visit freely and stay in, while accommodating various needs of individuals, such as workcations or relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. By harmonizing the effortlessly chic style of the interior with the calm yet refreshing vibe of Sapporo, we brought a unique character to this hotel. Not only does the hotel make for a pleasant extended stay, but it also fosters a sense of connection that attracts guests in and makes them want to come back.

The hotel interior exudes a sense of freshness and calmness, in stark contrast to the busy environment of the hotel surroundings. The hotel actively engages with the local community and welcomes not only the hotel guests, but also the neighborhood residents who could use the space as a cafe or a co-working space. In addition, the lobby space also serves as an exhibition gallery to engage with local artists and creatives.

The minimalist and functional lounge space, reminiscent of an inner terrace with lush greenery, has a wide range of use and flexibility for the users. One could enjoy the morning sunshine at the counter seat and open oneself to encounters and interactions over a cup of coffee. Meanwhile, one could work at a desk at quiet nighttime.

Although the guestrooms are relatively small and minimal in design, they can be used as study spaces or living rooms with movable furniture and effective signage design. The furniture, lighting, and interior products arranged throughout the hotel evoke playground equipment in a park and subtly impart a lovable appeal. The ensemble of these elements offers comfort to the guests.

In a time when lifestyles and workstyles are constantly changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the boundary between hotel and office is increasingly blurred. In such an era, hotels must be highly adaptable, accommodating both uses as a workspace and lodging, or even more. To meet this need, we designed a hotel interior that embodies the new standards and expands the possibilities of travel, which realizes the idea of “work while you travel, travel while you work.”

NIKKEN SPACE DESIGN has completely transformed the atmosphere and functions of the hotel into a brand new one, taking into account the characteristics of the surrounding area and the local community. We now believe that this hotel will embody the way a hotel should be in this new normal era and bring new value to guests in the future.


 Keikyu Corporation
 7150 mq
 Yoshihiro Yamamoto (Chief Designer), Yoshimasa Toyama (Senior Designer), Asami Tajima (Designer), Shoko Miyata (FF&E Designer)


We are proud to be the largest-scale design firm in Japan without a construction or sales department, and our designers and creators with their rich individuality have been involved in various projects both in Japan and overseas. Our mission is to be the design partner that brings form to the dreams and ideas of our clients. With diverse individual skills and the team power born from their fusion, meeting high-level demands is our strength, for both hospitality design where creative sensibility is required and office design with its logical layout. Pursuing the quality of design by fully utilizing sensibility and technology. The result is the birth of an environment with high added value that offers a new experience. While cherishing these processes, we will assemble the best team regardless of genre, group, or country. By evolving into a "designer's platform", we will make the dreams of clients in Japan and worldwide a reality.


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