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Apartment B: an open, light-flooded, modern and timeless living space

Viereck Architects

Interior  /  Completed
Viereck Architects

By merging two residential units, the room layout could be arranged according to the wishes of the client. The intention was to create an open, light-flooded, modern and timeless living space for the family with two children. Oak wood with walnut finish, in combination with light Kashmir decor, oak chevron parquet, Taj Mahal natural stone, mirrored glasses and light scale wall colours ensure a comfortable, tasteful ambience. Large linen curtains, leather-covered seating and elegant ambience lighting technology, but also accent lights, complete the mood of this apartment.

An open, spacious living, dining and cooking area serves as the centrepiece and communication zone. These areas are harmoniously connected by a large continuous piece of furniture consisting of a kitchen with cooking island, wine cabinet and lush seating area. The restrained cabinet decors and the wood-clad upper cabinets are supplemented with a reflective glass rear wall to visually enlarge the room and expand the storage space right up to the spacious dining area.

The bedrooms with the associated bathrooms, as well as a playroom and study for the children are located on the upper floor. Each room was designed according to its function with different colours, materials and wall coverings. All made-to-measure furniture was individually designed by the architect for the respective room use, the object furniture complements the mood of the material and colour combinations.

Storage space is important, so the area under the staircase was designed with large, deep drawers, open compartments, and a leather bench, as a complete piece of furniture including the staircase and elegantly merges with the wooden slat railing.

Brushed stainless steel fittings, white countertop basins and large, backlit oval mirrors also give the bathrooms a timeless, modern touch.

The final highlight of the apartment is the subtle background lighting paired with accent lighting, such as the wired staircase light with marble lighting element or the filigree lighting of the cooking island.


 135 mq
 Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH
 Tanja Weinzettl, Martina Haller, Bernhard Viereck
 Viereck Architekten ZT-GmbH


Viereck Architects is a boutique Architecture and Interior Design firm operating with 2 offices in Austria. We are dedicated to deliver high quality designs and architectural services to our clients with projects in Austria and worldwide. Focus of our work is to offer architectural design & planning solutions combined with project management. From small to large scale projects, we are working closely with our clients, starting with the first sketch to full project completion. Our clients are investors, companies, trading groups, public clients, government bodies, multinational companies as well as private customers. Our main expertise includes residential, office, health & wellness, commercial, retail, mixed- use and hospitality projects, delivered by a team of highly skilled and innovative Architects.


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