Studio MK27 - A floating island with square lines: Horizonte Collection
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A floating island with square lines: Horizonte Collection

Studio MK27

Industrial Design  /  Completed
Studio MK27

The new system takes shape from a suspended base, a solid thin line covered in leather, fabric or both, on which generous volumetric padded elements rest. The Horizonte modular seating system is the result of a clear architectural vision: a rigorous shape, raised seven centimetres off the ground thanks to a recessed plinth in matt black varnished metal, which gives the sofa a special feeling of suspension. A platform on which the upholstered elements are located - seats, backrests and armrests - all conceived as large cushions with bold proportions and a strong personality. It is not only the dimensions that characterise these modules, but also their unprecedented softness, capable of maintaining a precise formal aesthetic, despite their welcoming sinkable effect.

Horizonte is a modular seating collection. The design solves the problem of creating a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating solution with a sophisticated style code that can be used in various configurations. The user benefits from exceptional comfort and softness, given by the technologyes applied in cushioning, that ensures the seat maintains its shape and molds itself to the user's body. What makes it unique compared to similar projects is its suspended base, which gives the sofa a special feeling of suspension and adds a touch of elegance. The combination of materials, such as leather or fabric, and the attention to detail.

This design serves society by providing a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing seating solution. It enhances the quality of life by offering individuals a cozy and supportive environment to relax and socialize. The innovative features and materials used in the design contribute to the overall well-being and comfort of users. Additionally, its versatile configuration options allow for various seating arrangements, accommodating different social settings and needs. Fluffy padding is obtained from certified 100% recycled PET.

This design is considered new due to its innovative features and unique combination of elements. It introduces a suspended base covered in leather, fabric, or both, which provides a distinct visual and tactile experience. The use of generous volumetric padded elements and bold proportions in the seats, backrests, and armrests adds a strong personality to the design. Additionally, the incorporation of advanced technology in cushioning ensures unprecedented softness and comfort. These novel aspects set this design apart from traditional seating systems and contribute to its fresh and contemporary appeal.

A floating island with square lines that marks the horizon of the living space.


 São Paulo
 modular seating system
 0 mq
 Studiomk27 + minotti
 Marcio Kogan, Diana Radomysler, Mariana Ruzante
 Minotti, Christian Moller Andersen


Studio MK27 located in city of São Paulo was founded in the late 70’s by architect Marcio Kogan and today is comprised of 50 architects and various collaborators worldwide. Kogan is an honorary member of the AIA (American Institute of Architecture) and Professor at Politecnico di Milano. He leads a team of architects who, for the most part, have been working with him for over a decade. The team, coordinated by four directors, is constituded by three main squads: the interior design team, lead by Diana Radomysler, the architecture team, lead by Suzana Glogowski and Renata Furlanetto and the communications team, lead by Mariana Simas. The team, great admirers of the Brazilian modernism generation, seeks to fulfill the task of rethinking and giving continuity to this iconic architectural movement. The projects of Studio MK27 place value on formal simplicity and attention to details. In 2025 Studio mk27 will represent Brazil at Expo Osaka, designing the new edition of the pavilion.

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