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Torre Enquentro, spatial organization, visual harmony, and functionality

Hansi Arquitectura

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Hansi Arquitectura

The idea for the project originated from our visionary way of encountering new projects. We drew inspiration from the surrounding context, and the challenge of making historic buildings and new architecture live together and at the same time seeking to create a development that seamlessly integrates with its environment while offering a unique residential experience. The concept was developed through a meticulous design process, carefully considering factors such as spatial organization, visual harmony, and functionality. Selecting materials, and incorporating sustainable principles helped shaping the final concept of Enquentro Tower. The result is a masterpiece that balances timeless elegance with modern sensibilities, creating a truly exceptional living space for residents.

Aiming to integrate into the existing fabric of the neighborhood. The design of the project takes into account the visual and architectural context, ensuring that it enhances the surrounding built environment. By preserving and revitalizing the historic Colonial House on Goya Street, it pays homage to the heritage of the area while providing a valuable community space within the development. This integration of the old and the new creates a dialogue between the past and the present, enriching the urban fabric and fostering a sense of continuity. The project's open space serves as a welcoming access point for vehicles and pedestrians. This integration creates a seamless connection between the development and the urban realm, promoting a sense of connectivity with the surrounding streetscape

Energy Efficiency: high-performance insulation and glazing systems. HVAC systems and lighting fixtures are used. Water Conservation: It features fixtures and plumbing systems to reduce consumption. Irrigation systems and drought-tolerant vegetation help minimize water usage. Sustainable Materials: such as responsibly sourced wood, recycled materials, and low-emission finishes, are used throughout the project. Adaptive Reuse: The preservation of the house showcase a sustainable approach to construction, reducing the need for new materials. Site Integration with the surrounding urban area, contribute to the overall livability and engagement with the neighborhood. Natural Lighting and Ventilation maximized on the design of the facade and terraces reducing the need for artificial solutions.

"Enquentro Tower" is a prestigious residential complex located in the Insurgentes Mixcoac neighborhood in Mexico City. Occupying a generous land area of 3,664.02 m² The building has three different volumes, ranging from 15 to 25 levels of apartments that go from 70sqm to 200sqm, the building is divided into two elevator cores and stairs in which you can access from the triple height main lobby. With a total built area of 34,582.92 m² the development harmoniously blends timeless elegance with modern living. One of the projects key strengths is how it embraces the surrounding environment while incorporating sustainable design principles. The preservation and revitalization of the historic Colonial House not only honors the site's heritage but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainable practices through adaptive reuse. The use of existing structures reduces the environmental impact of construction and preserves valuable resources. The 217 residential units within the building boast contemporary designs with a focus on livability and sustainability. Open floor plans maximize natural light penetration, given the site, the form of the building responds to the intention of making all the units to have an exterior city view, with this, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. The integration of balconies and terraces provides residents with access to outdoor spaces, promoting a connection with nature and enhancing the overall living experience.

The final result of the project exceeded the original expectative and the acknowledgement of the users and architecture critics on the matter, all these thanks to the great interaction and understanding of the team that prevailed during the process of design and construction.


 Mexico City
 Apartment Block
 32927 mq
 Hansi Arquitectura
 Isaac Hans, Arturo Hans, Alfonso Ramirez, Miguel Chacon
 Hansi Arquitectura
 WSP Mexico, Inversa Integral, Kablan Desarrollos, High Tech Service
 Grupo Visorno, Elevadores Otis, Interceramic, Fervi, Piso 18, Tamex
 Jaime Navarro


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