Studio Vittorio Neirotti - The residential complex CT20 in Turin, a corner building with a contemporary style
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The residential complex CT20 in Turin, a corner building with a contemporary style

Studio Vittorio Neirotti

Housing  /  Completed
Studio Vittorio Neirotti

The design concept was focused on the conception of a corner building in a contemporary key, within a Liberty context, with the aim to conferring material and volumetric continuity to the existing building curtain. This objective has been pursued at the material level through a reinterpretation of the finishes of the adjacent buildings, like a portion of aluminum facade corten effect treated and the other plastered ivory color. From a volumetric point of view, the "compositional embrace" between the two materially distinct buildind block has been modeled by subtraction and addition of elements such as bowindow, balconies, frames and loggias distributed according to a sort of "controlled disorder" which reinterprets dynamically the adjacent facades.

The project was conceived with the intention of dialoguing with the urban environment by accentuating the interaction between public and private space and allowing the building to become a new visual reference point of the neighborhood, both for its angular position and for its stylistic figure. The interaction with the public space is clearly evident on the ground floor, thanks to the pilotis floor that allows the view of the entrance hall, conceived as an exhibition space, and the green area inside. Another important aspect concerns the conformation of the entrance that backs, allowing the public space to penetrate inside. The private spaces also project outwards, exploiting the presence of bowindow as “visual telescope" that frame the surrounding Liberty facades.

The building was conceived and built with the aim of reaching the parameters of the energy class A4. This result was made possible thanks to the installation of a advanced plant engineering controlled by the domotic system in which collaborate: vertical geothermal probes, heat pumps, photovoltaic system, VMC with heat recovery and the air conditioning system with radiant ceiling panels. With regard to the building envelope, the required transmittance parameters and noise abatement values were achieved thanks to a portion of ventilated façade with aluminium panels and a 120 mm thick insulation portion. Also were installed aluminum windows with thermal break and low emissivity glass.

The project was conceived with the aim of reaching the following aspects:

  • The concept of a building that could recreate a material and formal continuity with the neighboring buildings. Also the project fits into the urban context reinterpreting in a contemporary way the stylistic aspects of the area, characterized by important examples of Liberty of the early 900'.
  • Chromatic continuity with adjacent buildings, providing visual continuity to red brick with ventilated wall facade in cor-ten effect and beige travertine with the coat plastered light ivory
  • Interpenetration of the corner fronts of the building plot so that the volumes seem united in a sort of "compositional embrace" able to generate a new visual reference point for the district
  • Inclusion of bowindow, balconies and projecting frames to move the facades according to a "controlled disorder" able to confer visual continuity with the projecting elements of the surrounding buildings
  • Exaltation of internal green areas, like the one on the terrace of the lower block and the green area inside that is visible through visual cones from the pilotis ground floor
  • Correspondence between the living rooms and the bowindows that assume the connotation of visual telescopes able to frame glimpses of the surrounding city
  • Adoption of material and technological choices for facades in line with plant requirements and energy saving policy

"The work achieved has centered the preliminary goal, that has concerned to provide the customer a product of high quality together with a contemporary style that distinguished it from the context but at the same time respected it through compositional care of detail. Other positive aspect, in relation to the complications deriving from the Covid, has regarded the management of the yard that has seen its term with October of 2020 in the full respect of the times supplied to the purchasers"


 ALPI 18 Srl
 880 mq
  4,550,000.00 €
 Studio Vittorio Neirotti
 Ing. Vittorio Neirotti - Arch. Elena Neirotti - Arch. Stefano Reghenaz - Ing. Andrea Comino - Arch. Massimo Fassio - Geom. Cristina Ravizzotti
 ALPI 18 Srl
 Studio Casassa (imp. meccanici) - Studio Cigliutti (imp. elettrici) - Studio Roletti (acustica) - Light Team (illuminazione)
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 Arch. Stefano Reghenaz - Julie Pedroni Photography


Neirotti Studio, based in Turin - via Giambattista Vico n.11, was born in 1977. The activity by the study is directed towards the architectural, structural and plant engineering integral design in the industrial, residential, tertiary and public spectacle field. With regard to structural design the work group is specialized in the steel sector used for construction of bridges and renovation of existing buildings. At the same time the study has developed a great deal of experience in the work supervision with activities related to the management of the contract. The design activity is also aimed at interior planning through the realization of furniture components.


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