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Rose Hill, designed to be a quintessentially New York building

CetraRuddy Architecture

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CetraRuddy Architecture

Designed to be a quintessentially New York building, Rose HIll integrates with its historic neighborhood while standing out as a downtown icon, setting a standard for new architecture that references history and context while appearing effortlessly contemporary. The design of the building was grounded in continuing the client’s legacy as innovators and leaders in culture, the arts and urban design, and in celebrating the city’s rich history of skyscraper architecture. Within its bronze exterior, the building’s apartments and public spaces set the stage for new, flexible modes of urban living.

Rose Hill draws upon the context of its neighborhood, a gateway between old New York and the future. While the architectural range in the neighborhood is apparent, there are underlying trends of masonry and earth tone colors throughout that are reflected in Rose Hill’s façade. Filigree metal work, and detailing through railings, visual screens and louvers add depth and interest to the façade both from afar and at the street scale, creating interesting shadow patterns that catch light throughout the day. Lastly, decorative lighting illuminates the tower’s base and crown to highlight the building's unique articulation and reinforce the both the history and progression of Gotham’s skyscraper architecture.

Rose Hill was designed with a highly energy efficient façade system that qualified the project for NYC DOB’s Zone Green – an exceedance of the DOB’s requirements on insulation energy performance. Other sustainable features include energy efficient building systems monitored through a Building Management System and various outdoor spaces for residents. The project does not have any vehicular parking and benefits from the site’s convenient location with multi-modal transportation options. Bicycle parking is not only included, but enhanced with an in-house repair shop. Rose Hill has incorporated high efficiency air filters in all common and amenity areas. -2022 Interior Design Best of Year Award Finalist -2022 Metal in Architecture Award -2022 NYCxDesign Honoree -2020 NYCxDesign Winner, Unbuilt

Rose Hill, located at 30 East 29th Street, in the dynamic NoMad neighborhood, is a new 45-story residential building that pays homage to the Rockefeller legacy, the neighborhood and the city’s rich history of skyscraper architecture, while looking to the future. An expressive glass and metal façade sources inspiration from the Rockefeller Group’s landmark developments, where exterior chevron patterns influence architectural elements throughout. Geometric accents, intricate details and expansive windows combine to reference a classically Gotham aesthetic, interpreted in a modern vocabulary. The interior design reflects the architectural expression on the exterior, referencing context and history while adapting to modern living. The dialogue between the interior and exterior creates a holistic experience as one moves through the building. The residential units are largely inspired by artists’ lofts, and many include flex spaces designed to evolve with residents’ lives. The interior design approach incorporates a curated selection of elemental materials that celebrate their natural state: honed stones, hand rubbed wood and burnished metals echo qualities of the earth while bolder materials accentuate the spirit of the building and its distinct downtown attitude.



 New York
 New York, USA
 Rockefeller Group
 Residential Condominium
 21360 mq
 CetraRuddy Architecture D.P.C.
 Nancy J. Ruddy, John Cetra, Ximena Rodriguez, Eugene Flotteron, Erica LiBritz, Lindsey Doren, Charles Thomson; Ceacy Cook, Tom Graul, Maite Bermudez, Angela Lee, John Wofford, Mala Parikh, Kolby Forbes
 MEP: Cosentini Associates Structural: DeSimone Consulting Engineers Lighting: Ventresca Design, LLC Acoustics/AV: Longman Lindsey Landscape: HM White Site/Civil/Geotech: Langan
 David Sundberg / ESTO, Evan Joseph


CetraRuddy is an award-winning architecture, planning, and interior design firm based in New York City. With over 36 years of experience, they are known for creating innovative and financially successful projects that engage context and enrich the human spirit. Their practice spans residential, academic, hospitality, and commercial uses, reflecting a commitment to community, context, and the human experience. CetraRuddy believes in designing sustainable, resilient, and inclusive communities that promote health and wellness while inspiring and invigorating individuals. Their DNA is defined by six pillars, including Architecture is Home, Every Site has a Story, and History Matters. Led by Principals John Cetra and Nancy J. Ruddy, the firm emphasizes collaboration and principal involvement throughout all project phases. Their portfolio has earned national and international recognition, and their designs blend materials, details, and branding to provide unique and cost-effective solutions.

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