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Escenario Kichijoji, minimalist esthetic and flexible spatial composition


Housing  /  Completed

We wanted to create a residential development that would blend harmoniously with the lush green surroundings of Inokashira Park. The structural shape of the reinforced concrete was designed to integrate with the shape of the greenery, incorporating patterns that gently slope in diagonal directions. Overall, the concept of the project was developed by considering the surrounding environment, incorporating urban design principles, and focusing on creating a minimalist and customizable living experience. The goal was to provide a sense of richness and simplicity in living that is not dominated by possessions.

The facade of this project is designed to harmonize with the lush greenery of the nearby Inokashira Park, ensuring a seamless integration with the natural environment. By incorporating a diagonally sloping pattern, the reinforced concrete structure blends with the surrounding green forms, creating a visual connection. The gutters and downspouts are designed to resemble the shape of trees to show the circulation of the natural environment.
For the urban area, elements of Kichijoji's urban design were incorporated, and the plan includes an entrance drive and interior passageway along the north side of the building. This facilitates movement and circulation within the site while respecting the surrounding urban structure.

Spacious square openings on two sides of each unit ensure adequate lighting and ventilation. Reliance on artificial lighting and mechanical ventilation is reduced. Sustainable Materials Durable cast-in-place concrete materials are used to ensure longevity and minimal environmental impact in accordance with sustainability principles. Green Integration We strive to preserve the natural environment by incorporating the surrounding greenery. By incorporating diagonal patterns in the structural design, the project draws inspiration from the organic shapes of the surrounding greenery and fosters a visual connection with nature. The four-story, elevator-less project also aims to improve the well-being of its residents, with an emphasis on energy efficiency.

The building has a façade that blends in with the rich greenery of the surrounding area, making it visually pleasing and environmentally friendly.
The entrance approach is located on the north side of the building to enhance circulation within the site and minimize the shadow effect on neighboring properties. In addition, the gently sloping pattern of the reinforced concrete structure is meticulously crafted to integrate with the organic shapes of the greenery. The gutters are also incorporated into the design to symbolize the shapes of the trees, guiding people to blend into the natural environment. The result is an integration with the surrounding environment, an emphasis on functionality and customization, and the creation of a visually beautiful and sustainable living space.

The basic shape adopted is square, which is primitive in nature. By expanding the square shape to openings and other elements, a unified aesthetic is created that resonates with the community and its residents. Each unit, from studio to 1LDK, is planned with spacious square openings to provide a sense of openness, lighting, and ventilation. The design of the dwelling units combines a simple, minimalist aesthetic with a versatile and flexible spatial composition.


 491 mq
  1,370,000.00 €


Ryuichi Sasaki Architecture is an architecture studio based in Tokyo, Japan. We seek to re-interpret architecture's position within cultural practices that determine meaning, particularly within will of our era. The investigations traverse not only conventional notions of space, enclosure, and order but also the fluctuating frames that define spaces.
Ryuichi Sasaki/Principal
1970 Born in Tokyo, Japan, Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA, BARCH, Columbia University, NYC, USA, MSAAD
AR Awards for Emerging Architecture "Commended", AIA Japan Design Award “Grand Prix”,Iconic Awards “Winner”, Leaf Awards, Shortlisted, International Design Awards, “Gold”, International Architecture Awards, “Winner," German Design Awards “Winner”, World Architecture Festival Awards, Shortlisted ,Architecture Master Prize 2021, Best of Best, The OPAL Awards 2021, The Plan Award 2021, Winner, Business and Office Category, The Plan Award 2022, Honorable Mention, Multiple Use Category



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