INGAR Progetti - Carpentry 1949, duplex houses with large balconies and private gardens
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Carpentry 1949, duplex houses with large balconies and private gardens

INGAR Progetti

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INGAR Progetti

The design idea was born from the desire to create a horizontal condominium composed of duplex houses overlooking a beautiful and lush private garden, divided by reinforced concrete partitions also extended to the external areas in order to guarantee a lot of privacy between the units. The partitions are interposed with smoke-grey textured volumes and large terraces. The 45-degree connection is the recurring motif on the facades and in the details of the project: profiles of the terraces, cornices, shapes of the lateral partitions.

The planned complex will be built on the site of an old abandoned industrial building located in a semi-central urban context. On the east side of the lot there is a beautiful canal of nineteenth-century origin, to the north well-kept gardens of private homes, to the west the main public road, to the south another recovery area. The houses are designed to maximize views of the valuable external elements, while maximizing privacy between the units themselves. A sloping public pedestrian path connects a bridge over the canal to the west road system.

The first strong point of the project is the aesthetic refinement of the combinations of materials: partitions in reinforced concrete cast in layers without vibration that divide houses covered in smoke-colored facing bricks. Large terraces and balconies with smoked black glass railings. Sheet metal and details in stainless steel. Another strong point is the attention to privacy in the outdoor spaces and the orientation towards the valuable natural elements, the houses are oriented to maximize solar gains and minimize shading. The duplexes in the project are real villas with gardens in a central urban setting.

"The project was developed by INGAR Progetti in a careful and meticulous way right from the initial stages. It took multiple reviews and many meetings. The result is undoubtedly of a high standard and I am sure that the real estate initiative will be extremely successful." Rag. Bruna Roccia Founding partner JOYLAND Group s.r.l.


 Fossano (CN)
 JOYLAND Group s.r.l.
 2410 mq
  3,100,000.00 €
 Arch. Federico Barbero
 Arch. Valentina Bruno, Arch. Serena Anfossi, Ing. Roberto Barge, Arch. Barbara Bersia, Arch. Rebecca Cagnotto, Geom. Marco Lingua


INGAR Progetti s.r.l. is an architectural firm seriuosly involved in promoting and applying sustainable architectural design across the board. Environmental issues such as economic, social and ecological sustainability are considered from the initial stages of each project. The structure of INGAR Progetti welcomes our goal of being a flexible partner in demanding projects: we are committed every day to fast and efficient processes and we constantly renew our working techniques. We have designed private homes, residential complexes, office buildings and production plants, schools, sports facilities, healthcare and accommodation facilities. By studying, innovating and experimenting, we have been doing architecture for 45 years.

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