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Project 58, allowing space for quiet moments of solitude

The purple ink studio

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The purple ink studio

While taking care of the functional requirements, the project brief emphasized the creation of a dialogue between the earth, wind and sun. The design embraces the greens and blurs the line between the exterior and the interior, creating harmonious spaces that communicate with each other at the shift of light. The house is designed around an open court planned over a podium of the Basement slab. The landscape in the central court is planned to evoke a feeling of a tropical forest within the house, making the building and greens become one.

Rooted in strong cultural influences, Project 58 creates an immersive experience for one to reflect upon and enjoy the spontaneity of the surrounding environment. Right from the initial stages conscious efforts were taken to retain the existing trees on site and plan to give back more than the ground has consumed for the built mass. There are framed views from each space of the central court of the overflowing greens in the central court. The transpiration of the plants contributes greatly to the micro-environment of the house.

The building is designed in several layers by adding an element of porosity on the ground level and stone cladding on the uppermost levels. With the help of terracotta jaalis the ambient temperature is maintained for the interiors, diffused light seeps through spaces akin to it filtering through a dense canopy of trees. The volumes inside hence are expressed with a special tonality by the filtering light. The material palette is predominated by using natural stones and reclaimed wood.

Designed and built over a period of 24 months the house is carefully adapted to the natural terrain, inserting the built form in its current rhythm. The client’s appreciation for natural materials and narrative art pieces formed the foundation for the material design palette. Indian Black Kadappa stone flooring runs across all the semi-private spaces, warm hues of teak for all the intricately carved elements with soft colour palettes of the furnishings bridge the styles together. The open layout of the single-flight staircase connecting all the levels ensures undisturbed views of the tropical central court as one transition between the spaces. Pause points are strategically added to sit back and appreciate the framed views and enjoy the overflowing greens.

Throughout the course of the project, detailing and the choice of materials were looked into. The interior spaces were developed carefully to have all fixed elements of Indian origin and all movable furniture was sourced from all over the globe. Unique artisan finds can be found throughout the home layered in an interesting manner with all the design elements. . Every element in the house is orchestrated creating a sense of unity and allowing space for quiet moments of solitude.


 15000 mq
 The purple ink studio
 Akshay Heranjal, Nishita Bhatia, Aditi Pai, Samruddhi Shimpi, Anareen Reynolds, Jaikumar
 Ashish Sahi


Established in 2011 in Bengaluru, The Purple Ink Studio is a multifaceted architecture practice that is Young, Experimental and Ambitious. Conceived by Aditi Pai & Akshay Heranjal along with Nishita Bhatia & Arpita Pai, the Studio has grown into a Collaborative Practice, with a group of designers who bring varied skillsets to the process.
The Practice believes in an approach that is Layered, Contextual and Experimental in Nature. The studio is exploring various scales and typologies with a constant search to engineer new ways of blurring the boundaries between architecture & landscape. Every project undertaken is process-driven by a close-knit team that see the project through in its totality.
In less than a decade, the studio has gained recognition worldwide by winning numerous National & International Awards. Works of the studio are extensively published both in digital and print media. The Studio has won 7 International Awards, 16 Indian Awards and 15 Shortlists in the last decade

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