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The Aegean spirit of summer living in a hotel: Caja by Maxx Royal


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A drone photo may suggest that the project consists of independent blocks. Still, every unit is connected to the central underground plinth with technical rooms, carpark, staff rooms, and service connections that enable the efficient operation of the hotel. Located over and around this invisible base, villa units are spatially connected to the service networks. Yet, providing ultimate intimacy for the guests, the service flow never intersects the living areas.

The spatial organization of the villas is planned by dividing the living and service areas into two through a transparent circulation volume. This buffer zone accommodates a linear staircase and is infused with daylight coming both from the skylight and the windows.

Neighbor to the famous Türkbükü bay in Bodrum, Hebil Bay is a relatively quiet, essentialy a residential district with lush green nature that meets crystal clear waters. The design process inevitably started with an appreciation of the existing values and spirit of the place. One of GEOMIM’s goals was to design a hotel that not only emphasize and felt connected to the bay but amplify people's experience of it. To achieve this, villa settlements are set back thirty meters behind the building approach limit leaving wide open communal spaces for the pool and beach use.

Building exteriors are optimized concerning light transmission, solar gains, and heat loss. The white stucco applications are customized, including small rocks which provide micro shadows and reduce solar gains. Large wooden canopies offer shade, and the windows are set back as part of the climate control systems integrated into the facade design. Green roofs asked by the client create better views for the hillside settlements and contribute to the project's sustainability goals. Bodrum’s local stone is used in the perimeter walls. Other energy design strategies include seawater utilization in the entirety of the hotel, optimal building orientation, automatically controlled natural ventilation, and rainwater collection for irrigation.

The project has been developed in close collaboration with the client from scratch and redefining the concept of holiday village on Bodrum’s Aegean Coast, CAJA grants a homely atmosphere where guests can enjoy the services of a five-star hotel.

Every aspect of the resort experience - the arrival, the lounge, pool and beach, restaurant, fitness, and spa- is clustered around the entrance or by the seaside, leaving the villas zone intimate and tranquil. Imagined as a serene Aegean village, guests are welcomed to experience a new summer holiday.

The architecture of the villas provides 1+1, 2+1, and 3+1 options. Drawing cues from the style of houses that were popular in Bodrum in the 80s, the aim was to stay in line with the scales and the monolithic expression of the urban identity resulting in a set of buildings infused with nature and semi-open relations. Outdoor living is supported for every unit on the ground and first floors, shaded with wooden canopies.

Central to the Landscape design was the idea of restoration and enrichment of the existing natural conditions. Results reflect Mediterranian themes with olive and palm trees, ivy wall and groundcovers, and the use of native plants. Humble garden settings resembling local villages enable intimacy and neighborly connections when desired. A lighting scenario that emits less light into the atmosphere was considered, and a plan was made in which living spaces would create a dim atmosphere instead of buildings.

CAJA Living is an effort to establish the relationship between past, present, and future in terms of hospitality experience. We continued the Aegean spirit of summer living; the design codes in scales, textures, and integration with nature are all rooted in the region’s vernacular traditions. You can feel the Bodrum spirit. And yet the spatial program is innovative in the way that these Bodrum Houses are directly but invisibly connected to a complex hotel system.


 ETS-Maxx Royal-Voyage Hotels Construction Investment Group
 10070 mq
 STO Facade Renders, GUARDIAN Glass, VITRA Bathrooms, Marset, Woo Design, Luva Design, Yargıcı, Mudo, Nut Home Design, Happy Place, Leleg, Jab, Mozaik, Remim


Born as an interior design practice in 1991, GEOMIM is an Istanbul-based cosmopolitan design studio producing visionary projects on all scales, ranging from architecture and urban design to interiors and installations in the physical & digital worlds.
Three decades of extensive creative production in the leisure industry underpin the DNA of the studio’s visionary design approach resulting in Turkey’s most prominent hospitality projects. Yet the partners' portfolios include many internationally renowned projects in various typologies, including culture, mixed-use developments, offices, sports facilities, and transport structures. The studio's strength lies in the knowledge inherited through numerous projects designed and built before re-establishing GEOMIM. Crafting spaces that respond to the tradition, climate, and contemporary culture of its place, GEOMIM designs unique and immersive experiences for every project.

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