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Cluj Regional Emergency Hospital, a therapeutic environment for a better healing process


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The Cluj Regional Emergency Hospital is a medical unit of excellence that offers medical services at the highest level, dealing with the most complex and sophisticated cases requiring special medical equipment and suitably qualified medical staff. As a result, the project aims at combining functional needs with a therapeutic environment, pleasant for patients, and able to foster to a better healing process. The clever and efficient organization of interior spaces, with large glass courtyards, provides natural lighting to wards, corridors and operational areas. The outdoor space creates functional green areas, following the principles of sustainable development through a number of measures: management of rain water, reduction of “heat island” effect; improvement of local microclimate.

The hospital location arises from the need to place the building at the center of the main arteries and directly connected with the two cities of Cluj and Oradea. The Hospital is designed by considering the principle of therapeutic benefits of landscape to assist with recovery and rehabilitation. For this reason, courtyard and external spaces has been conceived with a primary function to increase natural daylighting into internal areas. A courtyard landscapes has been integrated into the project by considering how these spaces would be viewed and utilized from different perspectives and levels. At the same time a thorough planting design of the external area allows to create a low-maintenance landscape, to improve biodiversity, and to provide sensory benefits for patients and other users.

In line with the European standards, the project is compliant with NZEB requirements in terms of energy efficient and sustainable approach. This goal has been achieved from the designers by a careful choice of technological solutions, natural and local materials. Different passive system will be included like a rainwater collector, that will be used to recycle the water for secondary used of the hospital installation and for the irrigations. A system of photovoltaic panels will be included in the outdoor parking area, as shelter for the vehicles. Finally, a greenery system will be placed on the terraces and in the around areas, in order to shield the sun's rays by offering indoor thermo-hygrometric comfort to staff/patients, preventing radiation phenomena and ''heat islands''.

The building’s character emerges through a dialectic between form and function, by creating a fascinating and articulated spatial composition, flexible and functional in terms of spaces and paths. On the West side, the built elements arise from a podium in constant dialogue between interior and exterior. Here, the relation between inside and outside is essential as the three volumes host departments where it is crucial to guarantee well-being and users’ comfort. The Est façade is conceived as a setback volume, whose form defines a long block with a system of courtyard running along the central corridor. The main entrance is in the Nord façade, with a large glazed hall, which is the first hospital reception space and the areas of flows distribution. On the opposite side, there is a secondary entrance. In order to emphasize the building identity, the West volumes are designed with two different systems: the podium is a ventilated façade, while the towers are covered by precast GRC modules. The towers’ skin consists on faceted panels 3.80m x 3.50m aligned with a typical room and structural module of 7.60m. This system guarantees substantial variations through minimum module types, it creates a visually interesting facade and provides increased solar shading. The windows have been sized to balance patient’s requirements of a view through to the outside, free of obstacles, while ensuring that solar heating loads are reduced by using the full depth of the facade for shading.

The New Regional Emergency Hospital in Cluj, co-financed by EIB, together with Iasi and Craiova hospitals, represents a strategic asset within the programme of strengthening the Romanian sanitary structures, with the purpose of increasing the quality and efficiency of the medical services for patients that requires acute, second and third level of emergency intervention, requiring the most modern and advanced technologies and technical medical competences.


 Ministry of Health
 Regional Emergency Hospital
 176638 mq
  580,000,000.00 €
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 3TI Progetti Italia – Ingegneria Integrata S.p.A.
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3TI Progetti is the Italian largest independent fully employee-owned engineering company, ranked in the ENR TOP 225 international design firms since 2015, offering consulting services for the last 25 years in planning, design, project & construction management of transport (airports, railways, ports, metros, roads) and social infrastructures (complex buildings such as hospitals, schools, cultural buildings), with particular attention to sustainable aspects.
3TI Progetti has carried out over 2500 projects around the world and has positioned itself in the global market as a leading architecture and engineering consulting firm.
Being among the first companies which took the path of designing in BIM, 3TI PROGETTI obtained in 2018 the BIM certification for architectural, structural design activities, for installations and infrastructures for civil works issued by ICMQ. With headquarters in Rome, we are a global player operating in more than 30 countries.


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