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Via Santa Margherita 11: sustainable spaces for living and working in Milan

Ardian Real Estate

ESG - Environmental Social Governance  /  Completed
Ardian Real Estate

From the very beginning of the project, great care has been taken to preserve and enhance the heritage and historical legacy of the building in Via Santa Margherita. Built at the beginning of the 19th century and purchased in 1873 by the Oldrati family, the building is a perfect example of classic and elegant “Milanese” architecture. The refurbishment project by the architect Paolo Asti combines the historic and the contemporary with a bold combination of materials and languages. The transformation of the interior makes it an office building that meets the highest international standards.

In the heart of Milan, SCRIGNO is in dialogue with all the monuments that surround it. Between the Teatro alla Scala and the Duomo, the building reinvents itself by drawing inspiration from their architectural forms and materials. The project preserves the historic façade of Via Santa Margherita, allowing the building to be perfectly integrated into the historical context of Milan's city centre. The opening of large windows onto Vicolo Malagodi and the historic Piazza Ferrari opens a dialogue with the context and the city, allowing the square to become an integral part of the building's ground floor and vice versa.

The project reflects the principles of ESG and well-being, and the building has received LEED Platinum, BREAM Very Good and WELL Gold certifications. The building's energy needs will also be supported by renewable resources such as geothermal energy, 7 wells on the Pizza Ferrari side and 8 wells on the S. Margherita side, and 34 photovoltaic panels on the roof. The building is EPC A post-works; +21% more efficient than a typical Grade A building; 41 tonnes of CO2 saved annually; 54 trees saved. Use of innovative and certified materials; technological installations adapted to the highest energy standards. In addition, through a CRREM analysis (ARUP), the building is in line with the Paris Agreement (1.5°C by 2036).

The common denominator of the project is the functional versatility of the interior spaces, which characterises all the floors of the building. The contemporary choice of materials, construction technologies and details, as well as the extensive use of glass surfaces and light, unite all the spaces in the project and give it a recognisable connotation in each part. The creation of all window frontages exposes the entire building to direct light, giving the interiors a new architectural quality. In addition, the conversion of the sixth floor for office use, with the creation of hoods on both sides, opens up the top of the building to the surrounding area offering a privileged view of the surrounding urban context and the Milan skyline. Nature plays a key role; the internal garden that surrounds the entrance acts as a "calling card" for the entire building, telling of the design imprint that can be found in every space. The courtyard is framed by walls of windows whose shapes echo the external facades. Thanks to the direct connection with the green courtyard, the meeting rooms and offices become truly exceptional spaces.

Ardian has always had a strong vocation for sustainability and social issues; the redevelopment of Via Santa Margherita, carried out to give back a piece of history to the city of Milan, is fully in line with the company's values. Our commitment is to prioritise the regeneration of historical heritage over the construction of new buildings: we want to give back to the city sustainable spaces in which to live and work, to provide these spaces with services and to facilitate their accessibility.


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