JJP Architects and Planners - Kinmen County Central Library and Art Museum, hill-like volumes that emerge in conformity with the typography
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Kinmen County Central Library and Art Museum, hill-like volumes that emerge in conformity with the typography

JJP Architects and Planners

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JJP Architects and Planners

Taking inspiration from the river valley site and the fluid work of local artist Shi-Chi Lee, the project integrates the building within an art park setting, creates a system of interwoven circulation paths, and incorporates the use of regional materials and colors, all of which results in a unique architectural typology that will become the defining cultural landmark of Kinmen.

Perched on the edge of a valley, the design starts with a close reading of the valley landscape to arrive at the hill-like volumes emerges in conformity with the typography. The resulting ebb and flow like spaces are purposed for various indoor and outdoor functions, thus resulting in an enhanced awareness of the site.


The choice of terracotta panels as shading for the glazed curtain wall reduces the building’s solar heat gain while carrying a low carbon footprint as the material can be sourced locally.

1. first prize of Kinmen Library and Art Museum in Taiwan
2. shortlist, 2023 WAF furture project category.


Four distinct volumes correspond to the major program elements and allow for phased construction. The internal circulation and program arrangement seeks to take advantage of the library and museum combination to weave together a seamless experience. Externally, the entire complex is shrouded with a veil of terra cotta panels, whose expression resemble books shelves, with the orientation of each panel carefully studied to enhance daylighting while control glare.


“JJP’s competition winning scheme for the Kinmen Public Library & Art Museum tells the story of the site and Kinmen as a whole, while responding to its sensitive geological context.”


 Kinmen County Government
 13200 mq
 Joshua J. Pan,FAIA
 Chungwei Su, David Lee, Guan-Yi Siao, Zhi-Ray Wang, Yen-Chih Tseng, Clare Chen, Shih-Fang Huang
 Structural Consultant:Team Engineering Consulting; Landscape:Environment Concern Groups; Museum Consultant: Beatrice Peini Hsieh; Library Consultant: Sherry Chen


JJP Architects & Planners is a multidisciplinary design firm dedicated to providing creative solutions for the built environment. Founded in January, 1981 by Mr. Joshua Jih Pan, the firm is based in Taipei, Taiwan with offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Xiamen. The firm combines talented design capability and diversified technical experience into a comprehensive, world-class service package for clients in Taiwan and around the globe.
The firm has demonstrated the highest levels of professional expertise, especially in large complex projects. Such accomplishment is also affirmed by the numerous awards for design excellence that the firm has received.


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