TStudio - Guendalina Salimei - Cultural, Science, Technology Centre in the historical complex of Sant'Angelo Magno, the metaphor of the place itself
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Cultural, Science, Technology Centre in the historical complex of Sant'Angelo Magno, the metaphor of the place itself

TStudio - Guendalina Salimei

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TStudio - Guendalina Salimei

The project originates from the desire to create, through architecture, the metaphor of the place itself: the new technopole and university campus will rise within a complex of immense historical and cultural value but will be equipped, at the same time, with the most advanced technologies in the field of environmental sustainability and anti-seismic safety, as well as all the devices to ensure complete inclusive usability. The heart of the project will be the internal courtyard (a filtering space, recreated thanks to a new volume, a sort of winter garden that acts as a filter and foyer) which, opening up to the city, will offer a new space for the community of students and citizens in which to spend time among history, nature and culture.

The project aims, on the one hand, to minimise the impact of the new technologies on the historic building, and on the other, to maximise comfort for users, who will be able to enjoy new spaces such as: green garden areas, where it will be possible to study in the open air or spend moments of relaxation; equipped outdoor areas, as in the case of the area adjacent to the gymnasium or the area with tables and chairs partially covered by the portico of the basement as an extension of the canteen space; the panoramic equipped terrace, an open-air area particularly suitable for socialising and organising events. A system of pathways and crossings provides continuity between the interior and exterior, so that the urban surroundings can find their natural formal and functional extension in the new complex.

The plant design, in consideration of the particular historical and landscape context, is oriented towards integrating the structure and machinery and reducing the impact of equipment, as well as ease of maintenance and control of energy aspects. The solutions adopted are: insulation of the opaque envelope; high energy performance windows and doors; geothermal heat pump heating, air conditioning and DHW system; natural ventilation through micro-ventilation of the windows and doors and the opening of skylights on the roof; high efficiency LED technology; lifts with high efficiency electric motors; home automation aimed at containing energy consumption; recovery of rainwater and ecological island for separate waste disposal.

The new premises of the University of Camerino with the student residences, the new municipal auditorium and the new headquarters for the Sestiere Piazzarola will form the Scientific, Technological and Cultural Pole of the city of Ascoli Piceno. The building designated to house it is the large historical complex of Sant'Angelo Magno, a structure partly built in the 9th century that includes a church, a monastery and a hospital. The intervention consists of an integrated project between different disciplines that all work together to give the building a new life and a new polarising place for its inhabitants. The dialogue between old and new is the pivot of the entire operation, which will work through the joint use of local materials, traditional techniques and advanced technologies, to which is added the conferral of a new urban and landscape value to the surroundings through the opening and characterisation of the central courtyard, which thus becomes, to all intents and purposes, a public square. The removal of architectural barriers, carried out with active and passive devices, will contribute to the affirmation of the right to study as a universal value.

“Another goal achieved,' emphasises the first citizen, 'by our ambitious city. (...) In addition to the university expansion, we are going to create the seat of the urban scientific-technological and cultural pole, a centre of excellence for increasingly smart development. The transformation phase of our city has begun, and in eight years' time, it will be nationally competitive and attractive to new residents”.


 Ascoli Piceno
 Comune di Ascoli Piceno – Ente Regionale per l’abitazione Marche ERAP – Università degli Studi di Camerino
 Cultural, scientific, technological centre and university residences
 11382 mq
  19,969,538.00 €
 Tstudio - Guendalina Salimei (capogruppo) con Ai Studio, arch. Valeriano Vallesi, geol. Marcello Franceschetti
 Tstudio - Guendalina Salimei con arch. Iman Enayati e arch. Anna Riciputo. Collaboratori: arch. Federico Armeni e ing. Paola Quarta
 Tstudio – Guendalina Salimei


T-studio is a working and research group that draws inspiration from constant confrontation on shared themes. Founded by Guendalina Salimei, it is now enriched by a multidisciplinary and research team; the group finds a specific field of investigation and activity in the complex relationships established between design methodologies and modes of intervention in the built and natural environment, often in conditions of urban decay and social discomfort, combining innovation and tradition with a sensitive awareness of the local habitus. Their research and projects, which have won awards in Italy and abroad, been exhibited on numerous occasions, and have been presented in national and international scientific journals and publications, are characterised by a holistic approach that brings together the study of form, knowledge of materials, and reinterpretation of urban and natural contexts in integrated systems that are attentive to aesthetic, social, historical and ecological urgencies.


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