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Villa K, a concrete house on Lake Iseo

Dott.Arch. W. Hainz

Villa  /  Completed
Dott.Arch. W. Hainz

House on Lake Iseo (Monte Isola) House K is situated in a prominent hillside location on the west side of "Monte Isola" on Lago d`Iseo. In the midst of an olive grove, the building integrates quite harmoniously amongst olive trees and enters into a scenic dialogue with its surroundings. The geometry of the building arises from the indispensable coherence between the interior of the building and the geological and topographical situation. The building is staggered in height, according to the value of different types of utilisation and the rocky subsoil conditions at site. The design creates differentiated living atmospheres both vertically and horizontally. The exposed concrete look reinforces the sculptural character of the object through the vertical formwork texture and through the homogeneous surfaces of the exterior walls. The ceiling above the ground floor is finished in the same exposed concrete look as the exterior, making the concrete look tangible inside as well. This principle is also consistently applied to the terrace areas, right up to the "infinity pool". A pergola made of black steel is placed on this stone platform and serves as a support for the climbing plants. Wild vine and kiwi plants serve as a sun protection and are intended to bring the vegetation of the olive grove right up to the house. The planting is part of the building. The geometry of the building results in a monopitch roof on the north side and ends as a gable roof on the south façade. This results in rising eaves lines on the west and east façades, which lend the building a dynamism that is also strongly noticeable in the interior and also represents the value of the rooms. Via the narrow north façade, a portal made of black steel leads to the entrance area and the cloakroom, which functions as a room divider to the study. This area has a low ceiling, but a large air space opens up to the upper floor, including the access. This air space is flooded with light through the openings in the façade and on the roof. Afterwards, one reaches the high living space that is bent out towards the lake. The polygonal floor plan generates diverse and different living areas. A second incised air space in the living area connects both floors, and also allows natural ventilation via the skylights. The upper floor is thus spatially and visually connected to the ground floor via the two air spaces. The roof covering of antique "Coppi" clay tiles is reminiscent of the roof coverings typical of the region. The eaves are framed with stone slabs and form an upper termination to the roof surface. Square black steel windows in three window sizes are playfully arranged in a fixed size relationship to each other. The windows are made of the typical local stone ("Pietra del Sarnico") and frame the precisely chosen views like landscape paintings. In the main rooms, plank floors in oak have been laid. A polished concrete screed in terrazzo look has been poured in the entrance area and in the kitchen. All interior walls and also the interior insulation are plastered white. The soffit is also white. The use of fair-faced concrete as an essential building material is quite traditional in the area and important in terms of its sustainability (reduces CO2 emissions in production, useful life and recycling phases). The activated storage mass for cooling and heating is provided by the concrete ceilings. White aggregates reduce the heating of the concrete in summer, thus reducing overheating indoors. A photovoltaic system installed on an existing, barely visible shelter delivers the energy required for the heating and cooling loads of the underfloor pipe system. Alternatively, gas (otherwise mainly for cooking) can be used as an energy source. House on Lake Iseo: Monte Isola - Località di Siviano (BS) Effective area: 250 m² Terrace and "infinity pool": 77 m² Urban cubage: 795 m³ Construction period: 2020-2021


 Monte Isola Loc. Siviano
 Dr. N. Kohlschmidt
 250 mq
 Dott.Arch. W. Hainz
 Dott.Arch. W. Hainz
 Site management: A. Bonardi
 David Schreyer


Architect Hainz (*1971 - Italia)

Studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Innsbruck (A) and at the Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla.
Several stays abroad in architectural offices in Austria (Riegler-Riewe) and Spain (E. Miralles).
Self-employed architect since 2004. Numerous realisations of projects with a wide variety of tasks and uses; from public buildings and single-family houses to design objects. The objects are both new buildings and buildings in a historical context. More than 10 years of teaching at the Faculty of Architecture in Innsbruck (building construction and design) Various lectures in Austria and Italy.
Successful participation in various competitions at home and abroad.


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