Superform - Villa Dream, a modern palace inspired by a classical villa
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Villa Dream, a modern palace inspired by a classical villa


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BASIS Client's wish is to build a family house that looks like a modern palace – a villa. Its design should take inspiration from a classical villa – usually a prominent, public building, but also a private, luxurious home of a wealthy family. The main focus of the villa should be, as in classical villas, the entrance portal with columns reaching from bottom, to top floor. In the heart of the building there should be a generous staircase connecting the floors. The bottom floor should be used for living spaces, the top floor for sleeping quarters. The client wishes to have a summer kitchen, a two car garage and a canopy for additional two vehicles. The plot, where the building will be built, is in the village Trnovec in Slovenia, close to client's old parents. It is a beautiful meadowy flatland, close to the river Savinja, with views of the neighbouring hills and forests. Adjacent to the plot is an existing stall, which will be demolished. The client whishes to add a hayrack with a basement, which will be used for farming purposes and family events. A flower garden will also be added and will serve as a anteroom of the villa. CONCEPT DESIGN The design proposal disassambles the typical image of a classicistic villa. By taking particular elements of the classical villa, the entrance portal, the central dormer and the side ones, and subtracting them from the volume of the building, the outline of the building remains, only in it's negative. Outlines of dormers are replicated downwards, giving the building another typical hayrack construction/decorative element. The building's interior is divided by a central space placed on its central axis. This space is comprised of an entrance lobby and a staircase. On the north side there is the garage, on the south the summer kitchen. The living spaces are open and are facing nature, the service parts of the ground floor are closed and are facing the road. The flower garden in front of the villa is geometric in its design, a green carpet of the entrance sequence. This modern villa combines the charcater of the client and the identity of the space. The resulting architecture is uncommon, outlining a new typology of luxury villas, based on tradition. The »diamond« shape of construction, idea recast from the traditional Slovenian structure hayrack, and a different design approach can make this villa become a new type of villa and a natural part of the Slovenian countryside.


 400 mq
 Superform: Marjan Poboljšaj, Anton Žižek, Špela Gliha, Jure Uranič
 Landscape - Bruto: Matej Kučina, Nika Čufer
 visualisation: Goran Djokić


SUPERFORM is an architecture company from Slovenia, founded by Marjan Poboljšaj and Anton Žižek in 2001. It is distinguished by its recognisable and unique custom-made and customer-centric architecture.

»In the Superform bureau, we create responsible and recognisable architecture that expresses our client’s identity. Together with our clients, we cocreate and upgrade the built environment for a more beautiful world. We believe in architecture as something beyond function and form. It is a multi-layered experience based on stories and adventure.

Architizer - Finalist; Residental building, 2022
BigSee – Winner; Interier design, »Fluent design«, 2019
The Plan Award – Winner; Showroom and Car Park – Future, 2019
The Plan Award – Winner; Production facility Tajfun - Future, 2018
Archdaily – Nomination; Building of the year ’18, Office building
Architizer - Finalist; Industrial building, 2016

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