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Urban Design of Ban Xue Gang High-tech Zone in Shenzhen is an action plan to enhance the urban environment in the next years

RJRX Urban Planning & Design Consultants Co. Ltd., Shenzhen.

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RJRX Urban Planning & Design Consultants Co. Ltd., Shenzhen.

1.Project overview: Occupying a total plot area of 39km², the project Ban Xue Gang High-tech Zone explores urban design and its execution in a rapidly transforming high-density built-up area. It takes five years to complete the master planning. This high-tech zone embraces world-class core resources of hi-tech industry, and gathers many leading high-tech enterprises like HUAWEI, making it a key strategic development node of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area. However, it faces many problems caused by high-intensity urban development. First, infrastructure is overburdened, and land resources are facing depletion. Second, the existing urban development mode is unsustainable, and the path to execute plans is absent. Third, the city and the ecological environment are disconnected, and the public spaces are unsystematic; Fourth, the spaces are organized in a disorderly manner, lacking a core image. Fifth, the vitality of the city needs to be released and evoked. As the city grows rapidly, the landform has been changed, with rolling mountains and forests occupied and rivers covered by concrete. In light of this, we try to mend the broken urban ecological environment by opening up the watercourse of covered ditches, and integrating forest park with the urban space to restore the image of a city surrounded by mountains and rivers. To tackle the current serious issues and problems, we figure out five major countermeasures. First, organizing the water system and increasing green areas to repair the ecological system. Second, renewing the urban environment in multiple aspects and creating distinctive features. Third, reconstructing the urban network based on people-oriented principle. Fourth, introducing green municipal facilities and implementing "sponge city" initiative. Fifth, improving public services and infrastructure. Through urban design strategies, we intend to avoid further fragmentation and disorder of land use, and meanwhile to shape urban spatial features and perceptibility in an all-round way. We work out a unique spatial layout composed of three cores, three axes, three belts and multiple clusters for this high-tech zone, whilst expanding its spatial network to connect with Longhua District (on the west side) to form a core development area on north central axis of Shenzhen. The project aims to create an urban operation mode that can gradually realize city ideals in a high-density built-up area, and to make full use of the city’s resources and features to build “a composite innovative high-tech zone” that integrates international vision, innovation dreams and humanism in a forest setting.

2. Execution & expected results: To carry out the urban design in such a high-density urban area, we firstly comprehensively organize the existing urban spatial pattern and various spatial systems, and then coordinate the demands of the government, enterprises and the public to rebuild a personalized urban spatial order and reshape urban perceptibility. Clearly, this is a project that needs to take full account of practical aspects and implementation. We have thoroughly analyzed the transformation willingness, potential and path of the existing land within the design scope, established a new order that can improve the overall space, and controlled and guided core areas to promote the transformation and improvement of the entire zone. This master plan serves as an action plan for the Ban Xue Gang High-tech Zone to comprehensively enhance the urban environment in the next three to five years. We will adopt the work mode “Chief Designer System” to constantly serve local government and promote the planning, launch and execution of multiple major public facilities. The “Recent Projects Bank”, one of the achievements of the plan, clearly lists recent 257 projects divided into three categories in detail. Among the 257 projects, 4 critical projects are being executed, including “Bantian International Art Center”, “Integrated Connection of Characteristic Natural Park in Ban Xue Gang High-tech Zone”, “Street and Node Landscape Improvement in Ban Xue Gang High-tech Zone” and “VI Design and Application in Ban Xue Gang High-tech Zone”. In addition, projects regarding urban renewal, road construction and comprehensive renovation of urban villages in the project bank are also being carried out in an orderly manner. Based on the work mode of “Chief Designer System”, we provide responsive technical services to gradually advance the execution of the urban design scheme. The project aims to improve urban quality. Developing urban design deliverables for implementation is the technical guarantee for achieving that goal. Taking this project as an example, we seek a work mode that can gradually realize city ideals in a high-density built-up area, and hope such work approach will be widely applied and recognized.


 Shenzhen Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau (Longgang Administration)
 39000000 mq
 Zhang Limin, Niu Ruilin, Chen Jiajun, Zhan Zexin
 Chen Zhuoyue, Chen Shenda, Jiang Dingyu, Zhou Shizhong, Wang Jun, Chen Maosheng, Li Jing, Li Jieqi, Zhang Libo, Fu Chang'e, Hai Xiaoman, Yang Ziyi
 RJRX Urban Planning & Design Consultants Co. Ltd., Shenzhen.


Founded in 2011, RJRX Urban Planning & Design Consultants Co. Ltd., Shenzhen is dedicated to delivering whole-process services and systematic solutions. Its business scope ranges from strategic master planning to detailed design, from project planning to execution and technical support. The practice has a young, dynamic multi-disciplinary team, who take professionalism and innovation as continuous motivation and is competent to cope with increasingly complicated and diversified challenges in design practices.
Rooted in the Pearl River Delta, the forefront of the Reform and Opening Up, the practice has been engaging in market economy and urbanization over the years, and has gained rich experience in master planning and design of projects of various types, levels and developers. Taking urban master planning design as a focus, it boasts strong ability in coordinating various professions such as architecture, transportation, municipal infrastructure, landscape, market consulting, etc.



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