GBBN - ChangChun Sports Complex: valuing the Past, anticipating the Future.
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ChangChun Sports Complex: valuing the Past, anticipating the Future.


Sport&Leisure  /  Completed

Valuing the Past, Anticipating the Future. Historically industrial, northern ChangChun was a place people hesitated to call home. The Vanke Community Sports Complex is helping change that. With 1800 apartments coming to the surrounding blocks, the sports complex supports the recreational needs of residents and acts as an exhibition space for the development. Program. Consisting of two volumes, one side of the building features a colorful, double height basketball court and climbing wall with a walkway above. The other has a coffeeshop, exhibition space, offices, and gym. Built into an elevated track, a sprawling playground and exercise equipment extend opportunities for play. Walking paths connect to the neighborhood through a dramatically sculpted landscape. Material + Form. Once the site of a powerplant, the building echoes its history. Its form is assembled from three iconic design elements that are extracted from the powerplant: sawtooth, silo, power. Sawtooth. Echoed in the landforms, the powerplant’s iconic sawtooth roof is integrated into the cascading peaks of the building’s standing seam roof. Silo. The smokestack is reproduced in miniature within building’s skin. Overtop of terracotta, a series of small half-silos are formed by perforated metal panels. The rest of the façade consists of clear glazing and fritted glass, welcoming visitors and daylight. Power. Mounted along the silos’ vertical seams, lights reflect off the building and filter back through the panels’ perforations, creating a warm glow that recalls the site’s former use and contribution to the city.


 United States
 Vanke Co.
 2396 mq
 Jilin Galaxy Construction
 PDS Landscape,
 Jin Jia Yao


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