Diverserighestudio - Unesco House of Music gives shape, body and voice to the history of Bolognese popular music
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Unesco House of Music gives shape, body and voice to the history of Bolognese popular music


Special Projects  /  Completed

The thematic concept of the project begins from the desire to describe the cultural heterogeneity that characterized popular music from the post-war period until today in Bologna and moves between multiple conceptual and physical axes, following a single creative horizon: a metaphorical “0” line, where the artists research the inspiring balance. Two visions and two apparently opposing music interpretations coexist togheter. Upper and under - underground and mainstream, center and periphery - are in fact perspectives of the same entity: the music. The permanent exhibition is based on the use of typical materials of music, in order to create a direct relationship between it and architecture, which, is at the same time “narration and abstraction”. Visitors find themselves within an immersive environment that gives shape, body and voice to the history of Bolognese popular music. The person, as an entity, is the fundamental theme of the entire architectural exhibition: it is in the comparison and shared education that there is the meeting point between the apparently opposing visions Upper and Under. The designed figure, the Vela/Persona, represents the abstraction of the person and it contains all the information necessary to implement the cognitive path: individuals experiences are made unique by memory and personal perception of events, and it is only through memories and the testimonies that the numerous realities of Bolognese popular music can be narrated in a sincere way, without any pretense of cataloging, with the only intention of delineating a choral image of an extremely complex environment. The circular panels are the first impact that the visitor recive from the Music Room, as soon as, he enters into the Salaborsa, and they define the landmark of the exhibition. These circular pannels represent the artists image of the Bolognese musical panorama: artists, contexts and musical settings connected to the mainstream, independent and underground areas. La Vela/Persona examine in depth the central theme of the exhibition, supported by a platform characterized by the typical grooves of vinyls, generated like sound waves, by the focal points of cognitive experiences. The position and orientation of the Vela/Persona are not random but it suggest a rhythmic scan and a path, without being bound to it. The external part of the structure consists of two surfaces:the first one is a lenticular print, depicting the artists and the most representative moments of the decade, and the other one is a mirror surface. these two types of surfaces will give a high degree of dynamism to the exposure, thanks to their characteristics. The most intimate and last level of knowledge, is the direct comparison between visitor and exhibition, that through audio-video content can be used within the designed figures to encourage introspection and bigger awareness of the addressed issues. The interior in engraved and backlit vinyl, emits light as the visitor approaches, while a 15-inch screen suggests the image of a lectern, plays videos with texts, images and audio suggestions that provide pictures of the specific individual years. Finally, the temporary exhibition room responds to different needs. The principle of flexibility ensures that the available space can be adapted according to different needs, which, will change over the months, allowing you to explore more possibilities of conformation of the space itself, while maintaining its integrity. Unesco House of Music Bologna Scientific direction: Gianni Sibilla. Main Concept: Simone Gheduzzi, Riccardo Negrelli. Exhibition design concept: diverserighestudio, Gianni Sibilla, Riccardo Negrelli, ComunicaMente. Contents: Gianni Sibilla, Riccardo Negrelli, Enrica Di Menna, Agnese Merighi. Project coordinator: Giulia Floriani. Acoustic design: Dario Paini. Audio production of contents: Riccardo Negrelli, Dunastudio. Video content layout: Opificio Ciclope. Text translation: Art.4. Legal Advice: Raffaella Pellegrino.


 Comune di Bologna
 400 mq
 Simone Gheduzzi, Nicola Rimondi, Gabriele Sorichetti
 Francesco De Leo, Francesco Presutti, Sofia Toni, Bartolomeo Tronci, Francesco Maria Rossi
 Acoustic design: Dario Paini. Traduzione testi: Art.4. Consulenza Legale: Raffaella Pellegrino.
 Lenticular print: Visio Italia
 Francesco Guidicini


diverserighestudio conducts multidisciplinary research, giving form to the encounter of types of knowledge and creating an ongoing dialogue between theory and practice; composition is conceived as a dynamic relationship between theme and program, concentrating on aspects connected with the metaphor of composition. The goal is the creation of a relational aesthetic. Empathetic.
They exposed their work at the Italian Pavillion at London Festival of Architecture, at Shanghai Expo, at the XII, XV and XVI International Architecture Exhibition of Venice Biennale.
Some of their most important awards are the Sustainable Architecture International Prize 2007, the Tiles of Italy Prize 2014, the Urbanistica Prize 2015, the The Plan Award 2021, the Special Mention at the A+ Award 2016, the Honourable Mention at the Plan Award 2016, 2018 and 2019, the nomination at the Mies Van Der Rohe Award 2017, the AESS Sustainable Architecture Prize 2019, The Luigi Zordan Prize 2019.



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