salvatore spataro - "Si Può Fare": in Sicily, a church becomes an exhibition center for local products
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"Si Può Fare": in Sicily, a church becomes an exhibition center for local products

salvatore spataro

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salvatore spataro

Via Nicolaci in Noto is like a window, a space that the whole city refers to for its scenographic architecture. It is a place that, thanks also to the infiorata, knows the whole world, a theater where art exhibitions, events and cultural events are represented. But now it is also a place that tells the territory, because Noto is not only architecture but also nature and its products. In via Nicolaci the symbol of all this is a space, the former church of S. Elia (once the Landolina chapel, the most important noble family of Noto before and immediately after the earthquake) which becomes an exhibition center for local products. So not just a shop, but a story of work, solidarity, project and future thanks to art, inventiveness and contemporary taste. The manager of the shop is "Si può fare", a non-profit social cooperative that works in the south-eastern part of Sicily. A reality that over the years has been distinguished by its profound commitment to the weakest, through social integration and the work placement of disadvantaged people through the development of solidarity economies. The restaurant underwent a restoration a few years ago but at the time the premises were unused. My intent was to rekindle the spotlight on this space through an interior design project that respects the environment and linking it to the only piece of furniture belonging to the previous setting, the central chandelier in corten iron. The idea is to attract the visitor thanks to a central "green" fulcrum characterized by a succession of cubes of different heights that act as containers for the display of local raw materials and aromas. A sort of organic sculpture. A three-dimensional element with heights ranging from 25 to 110cm and with two sides that act as seats for the customer. The only materials used were corten iron and flamed wood effect panels. The furnishings are presented as large continuous bookcases that envelop the wall surfaces providing about fifty square meters of exhibition space. The lighting takes place through the large central chandelier and the LED strips in the bookcases. The size of the shop is about seventy square meters and also includes a small bathroom. At the entrance there is a cash desk while on the opposite side some tables are available for product tastings. Credits: Year: 2021 Statys: completed Location: Noto, Sicilia Project: Salvatore Spataro Website: Photo: Samuele Castiglione (Wede Studio)


 Cooperativa Si può fare
 90 mq
 Salvatore Spataro
 Salvatore Spataro
 Dirosafrom, (falegnameria); Si può fare (impresa); Corrado Filingieri (Fabbro); Cameo (impianto elettrico)
 Samuele Castiglione


Noto (Born 1981) Architect.
Graduate with Honors, Università degli Studi di Firenze (University of Florence, Italy).
From 2008 to 2016 he collaborated with Pierattelli Architetture In Florence, dealing with the design of hotels, private flats, office buildings. With the publishing house LetteraVentidue Srl he has published What’s up- 15 young european architects” (Nov. 2012), and NEEDS- Architetture nei Paesi in Via di Sviluppo (NEEDS-Architecture in developing Countries), catalogue of the homonymous travelling exhibition inaugurated in Florence, March 2011. He has participated in numerous architecture and design competitions. In 2014 presents his first Design collection entitled "Design Meets Sicily".
In 2015, the BaroqEAT Collection was nominated for the “Compasso D’Oro Internazionale”.
In 2016 he was among the selected Under 35 to participate in the XXI International Exhibition of the Milan Triennale.
He lives, works and dreams between Florence and Noto (SR).



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