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Wagner Design Lab: a Superlative Display Window

Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA

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Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA

A Superlative Display Window Titus Bernhard architects in cooperation with architect Andreas Weissenbach realised an exhibition room and think tank with highest design and constructional requirements for WAGNER Living. A black box, 60m long, 12m wide and 4m high, apparently floating above the residential building of the founder in LA, the largest insulating glass panes so far have been installed here: 4 elements being 20 by 3m each, frameless triple glazing, 60m2 and almost 8 tons per glass pane, world record with an entry into the Guinness Book of Records. In this case LA is not meant to be Los Angeles but Langenneufnach northwest of Augsburg, in the countryside, where the headquarters is situated since the foundation of the family business Wagner/Topstar. In many respects this building has been a challenge for planners and companies involved: ranging from the production of the glass panes with a custom-made oven being imported from Asia, followed by the logistics of transport to the installation on site. The design of the architects and engineers had to ensure that the large glass panes could be installed flawlessly into the steel structure at an airy height while at the same time meeting all conceivable load cases and with all the certifications, permits and warranties customary in Germany as well as architects' liability. In addition, utterly concentration on the essentials, radical minimalism in construction, material, and surfaces. Ideas and concepts of the futures most modern, ergonomic, and sustainable chair systems will be created in these rooms. It is a think tank and showroom at the same time, a synonym for insight and foresight, harmony with nature and certainly a highlight of contemporary commercial architecture.


 500 mq
 Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA, Augsburg, Germany ; Andreas Weissenbach Dipl. Ing. Architekt, Augsburg, Germany
 Titus Bernhard Dipl. Ing. Arch. ; Andreas Weissenbach Dipl. Ing. Arch
 TRAGKONZEPT GmbH , structural engineering, Augsburg, Germany
 Gerhardt Kellermann, Munich, Germany ; Titus Bernhard Architekten BDA, Augsburg, Germany


Titus Bernhard has been active nationally and internationally since 1995 with his spectacular architectural projects. A concentration on the essential and a minimalistic architectural language distinguish all the work of his office, combined with the highest standards of manual and aesthetic qualities. His architecture develops from classical modernism to an autonomous phenomenological architectural language. “Haus 9×9” attracted enormous attention from areas far outside the architecture world, just as his more recent “Haus M” and “Haus 11×11”. Awards: i.a. Erich-Schelling Medal 2006, BDA Prize - Bavaria 2006, numerous best architects awards; exhibitions at AEDES Berlin 2004 & 2013, Architekturgalerie Munich; the galerie d’architecture Paris, plus two appearances at the Biennale in Venice. Titus Bernhard belongs to the young avant-garde in Germany. From 2005 to 2007, he was visiting professor for design and construction at the Constance University of Applied Sciences (HTWG Konstanz).



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