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HQ and distribution centre Kramp, bringing the inside to the outside

GSE Italia S.r.l. & A2N Studio Associato Architetti

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GSE Italia S.r.l. & A2N Studio Associato Architetti

The project concerns the construction of a building with a logistics function with spaces for administrative and business management services as well as services (changing rooms, break areas and canteen). In addition to public urbanization works (green areas, car parks, general infrastructure, road network and entrance roundabout), at the direct service of the property, there are: private transit and vehicles parking spaces, private green spaces, systems for hydraulic invariance, technological networks and systems. The building represents the first step of the Kramp settlement whose construction is planned for subsequent phases; for this reason, the body of the building was designed to be connected both structurally and functionally to the subsequent extension. The main design study was aimed at reducing the stereometric effect of the built volume typical of buildings with a logistic function, bringing to the outside, on the facade, the different functional areas of the building that take on a specific connotation both in volume and in the finishing materials. The main body of the warehouse is made up of a simple volume, which is sectioned horizontally with a contrasting base while the corner elements and the main facade are divided into bodies of different depths and heights. The building was built in a prefabricated structure with basement in CLS panels h. 3.00 m, surmounted by sandwich panels that are the vertical closures of the warehouse. Vertical closures have been made in the glass facade for the office, canteen and areas facing the A1 highway. The volume that contains the administrative offices is an enclosure made of prefabricated concrete panels printed with plastic matrices - "dark ebony" colour; the special wavy texture generates a light/dark effect that gives dynamism to the building. The functions of the building are divided on main floor with warehouse destination, two levels of open mezzanine in reinforced concrete, and an area with three-level metal mezzanines. The ground floor houses the warehouse, logistic offices, changing rooms and technical rooms. On the first floor there is the mezzanine with the service rooms, storage area and the company canteen. The second floor includes a mezzanine, offices and meeting rooms. The different levels are connected by two compartmentalized staircases, both highlighted on the facade with the red colour typical of the Dutch brand. The entrance space is identified in a double-height glazed space that relates the different levels of the administrative part of the building. The plant areas are located in rooms which are compartmentalized in the southern area of the building, accessible from the outside or on the roof.


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GSE Italia is the Italian branch of GSE Group, based in Milan since 1999 and operating as General Contractor, specialized in the "turnkey" construction of industrial, logistics and commercial buildings. With a team of 90 collaborators, GSE Italia offers tailor-made solutions with dedicated teams for the realization of real-estate projects. | A2N Studio deals with the components of urban, architectural and engineering development process connected to the building and environmental transformation. The main activity is focused on urban-scale design, urban planning, implementation plans and environmental impact checks of city-services design, urbanization and technological networks, architectural design and direction of construction works. Attention has also been paid to micro-urban planning and to the design of large-scale tertiary/commercial/production/logistics complexes. The studio is made up of 3 partners and collaborates with 8 technicians and administrative staff.


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