Liebel/Architekten BDA - A zero energy company HQ embodying core values
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A zero energy company HQ embodying core values

Liebel/Architekten BDA

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Liebel/Architekten BDA
Conceived to function as a zero-energy office building, this new company HQ embodies in architectural form the firm’s values of open communication and transparency. The 2 atria that divide up the building volume improve spatial quality and offer views into the interior, helping to offset the uninspiring exterior vistas offered by the surrounding industrial estate. The highly flexible office space is organised to provide meeting and telephone boxes and a few individual offices. Several socialising islands, including a kitchenette, central seating steps and meeting sofas, facilitate both chance encounters and planned meetings, and promote exchange. Walls are replaced by half-height room dividers and acoustic panels. The multi-functional events room with its sunken floor and wrap-around bench seating can be used on an individual basis but also provides sufficient seating for large team meetings. The facade design creates a pleasant working climate without the need for HVAC technology and obviates the need for blinds in this windy location. The wide roof projection to the south deflects the summer sun while allowing winter rays to heat the building. The east and west facades are largely closed to minimise summer heat input. The strong vertical concrete strips on the north facade provide optimum diffuse daylight, whilst also deflecting morning and evening sun in summer. The HQ uses thermal component activation. Its water is cooled and heated by a reversible, PV operated heat pump.


 Franz & Wach Holding GmbH
 1200 mq
 Liebel/Architekten BDA
 Liebel/Architekten BDA
 Transsolar KlimaEngineering
 Brigida González


Liebel/Architekten BDA was founded in 2000 by Bernd Liebel. It’s based in Aalen, Germany.
One main focus is on the sustainable design of buildings. The projects of Liebel/Architekten has received numerous, international architecture and sustainable architecture awards.
A total of 25 architects working on projects in these areas: residential, commercial, educational, care and office



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