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HUAKE CENTRE: the return to architectural classics


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After more than 10 years of rapid development, the BeiCheng New District of Linyi City has become quite large. However, with the pursuit of its own individuality by each individual building, the integrity of the urban center building group is being lost. This project hopes to return to the basic problems of high-rise buildings: efficient and comfortable, concise and clear shape, so as to complete the return to architectural classics. The architectural design hopes to make the headquarters building have a clear and concise outline from a distance, and rich and varied texture levels from a close view. The standard floor is controlled at 1500 square meters on the first floor, and the office space is 10m deep, with a pleasant scale, which avoids the influence of excessive depth on indoor lighting, and realizes the dual requirements of traffic nuclear economy and lighting rationality. The base of the building is a three-story podium with a large depth, which can meet the space requirements of modern office, business and catering. The east and north sides of the project are the main roads of the city, which are protruded from the east to the north in shape, so as to maximize the urban landscape resources on both sides of the northeast for the interior. The protruding façades on the east and north sides use a folded glass curtain wall, with glass on the side facing the sun at each corner and stainless steel on the backlit side. Polished stainless steel plates and large pieces of flat glass are used to reflect the surrounding environment and people with intermittent mirrors, presenting different visual effects from different angles in the city.At night, the light shines through the flat crystal-like surface, and the entire exterior of the building seems to be a display screen that can accommodate infinite changes. How to satisfies the owner's demand for the building to be "rock-solid" and meanwhile it is closely related to the future international enterprise image was the challenge of this project. The façade texture of the tower conveys the digital aesthetic characteristics in the concise body shape, and shows its rigor and stability with the unitized, standardized repetition and the concave-convex façade, and at the same time, the base of the building is a three-storey podium, and horizontally, stones of different colors and textures are combined with delicate metal components to form a façade language. In stark contrast to the vertical, transparent standard layers. Through this way to satisfies the owner’s requirement.




Commercial Real Estate Research Studio was officially established in 2018. It is a secondary department under the Juhe Design Center of CADG.
Since the establishment of the research laboratory, a total of 4 million square meters of construction has been completed. Has completed a lot of practice in the field of commercial real estate, accumulated rich experience, and won a number of national and local architectural design awards. The design scope includes Pre-planning, Residential, Office Building, Commercial building, etc.
We are good at analyzing problems from the owner's perspective, clearly and accurately understanding the owner's needs, and at the same time, through a lot of practical experience, helping the owner to make more accurate decisions. Pay attention to the quality control of the project and participate in the whole process, and pursue a high degree of design completion. While achieving architectural integrity, Realize the owner's ideal and enhance its brand value.

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