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Pearl River Wenjiang CAZ, a colorful and vibrant new urban form


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The Pearl River Wenjiang CAZ project is located in Wenjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan. The total construction area of the project is about 640,000 square meters. Taking advantage of the morphological foundation of the existing urban park configuration, the central area of Wenjiang River, the entire "1 km" Guanghua Park Square axis, the pedestrian life axis of the Pearl River New City CAZ and the Jiang'an River section of the waterfront axis coexist and co-prosper, empowering a sense of urbanism. Form, shape the "city cover" of Wenjiang, and create an urban landscape place that can be read, perceived, viewed and consumed. Based on the voice of customers, it is committed to improving the image of Wenjiang District, creating a characteristic urban area, and creating a never-ending urban classic. Introduce the new concept of "CAZ", reconstruct the spatial layout of local neighborhoods and industrial functions, and expand and extend the functions of the business district from a functional perspective. Based on green ecology, we will create a colorful and vibrant new urban form. The goal is to create a new scene-based quiet experience space for urban consumer groups, and to position the third living space for urbanites in Xicheng as a whole. Upgrading and transforming the new landmark of the tens of billions of business districts has become a place for people to chase fashion and collide with trends, and become the first choice for social networking. We will make every effort to promote the construction of Chengdu Wenjiang into a capital consumption center in Xicheng that reflects high-quality development. As an important planning feature of the central dynamic district, the open block block design is emphasized here. The entire plot is pedestrian-friendly in all directions, and multiple pedestrian access openings on the ground floor facilitate the smooth entry of surrounding residents. The second-floor pedestrian corridor system connects the Pearl River Square in Area A with the characteristic commercial blocks and cultural squares in Block B, ensuring a safer and more efficient pedestrian network outside the mixed pedestrian and vehicle area on the ground floor. There are 14 high-rise office buildings, 10 2-3 floors commercial pedestrian streets and 1-2 floors podiums along the street. The facade style of the building adopts post-modern treatment methods, the overall scale is neat and atmospheric, and the overall sense is strong. The office tower adopts a glass curtain wall façade, and the business adopts the modern Chinese architectural style. The facade of the building is made of transparent glass to enrich the facade effect, and some aluminum alloy decorative rectangular tubes are arranged. Architectural glass doors and windows are made of broken bridge aluminum alloy and transparent tempered glass, combined with the ingenious use of air-conditioning shutters and glass transmittance, each with its own image, realizing the differentiated design of the facade while maintaining the overall effect of harmony and unity. Integrate multiple transportation systems to create a three-dimensional city; strengthen the construction of open blocks, provide diverse living experiences for different groups of people, and create a healthy and livable lifestyle in open spaces, waterfront parks, and art courtyards.


 Chengdu Pearl River Jinghong Investment Co., Ltd
 644900 mq
 Gao Shanxing
 Chang Qi,Usman Utama,Lin Lizhen,Deng Zhisen,Tang Xiaomin,Xing Weitao,Cao Fangyuan


Founded in 2009 by partners Scott Gao Shanxing and Usman Utama, GDF LTD is an architectural design firm based in Hong Kong and Shanghai, China. GDF works internationally providing architecture and planning design services.Currently working on projects mainly in China Mainland,GDF is composed of multi-cultural staff who have a lot of practical experience in architecture. The diversity of the team reinforces a core vision for the practice: to respond to a global worldview incorporating overlapping design disciplines for a new paradigm in architecture.

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