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Sanyu Lion Culture Village, a gathering place that combines education with fun


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The design team entered the project to address the lack of modern sports conditions in a small village in western China. At the same time, farming has been the main source of income for generations of villagers. Our client hopes to bring innovative sports life to villagers through planning and renovation, and bring income beyond farming to villagers through the later operation of the site. The village is called Sanyu Village, is a small village with thousands of years of farming culture history. The design team assembled a multidisciplinary team of urban planners, landscape architects, architects and digital technology engineers in response to the project's history, culture and site complexity. The overall design is divided into two parts: the century-old house -- Tao's courtyard -- and the cultural sports show that combines sports and irrigation. Taojia courtyard is a rammed earth wooden frame structure with characteristics of western Sichuan. The design team wanted to show the village's thousand-year history of farming to visitors, so it was planned as a small cultural museum. The construction team restored the old house with traditional manual skills, strengthened the overall structure, and improved the fire and earthquake rating. In addition to the restoration, the designers also enriched the exterior space by placing a 172-meter-long landscape gallery. The gallery adopts the local traditional wooden bamboo weaving craft, in which the unique bamboo weaving lamp exhibition, boxing training field and other activities are planned. Unpowered water Park combines the original farmland landscape of the site to create a water culture gathering place that combines education with fun. The whole water park is set in an irrigated field with a difference in elevation. Its periphery is a slightly different level of canals, the park overhead is a layer of pipe network with small holes, crops below. Under the effect of the height difference, the water is pressurized and inhaled by the irrigation pipe network, and permeates through the fine holes to irrigate the farmland below. The park is equipped with unpowered mechanical water intake devices for children, unpowered water sluice, manual pump, rotary water intake devices, etc., so that children can feel the vitality and vitality brought by nature in the paddy field. Through the venue, people can have fun while exercising and make friends with strangers who have the same sports interests. There are smart bikes, interactive parkour fun questions and football doors. An interactive and dynamic scene is formed here to inject vitality into the site. All devices can be started by scanning the code on the phone, and various modes are built in. You can also open the competition mode with your friends to make sports more fun. Sanyu Lion Cultural Village is a highly comprehensive project that integrates urban planning, landscape design, architectural design, digital technology and other disciplines. Through the Tao family courtyard, the scene of Green Lion farm and unpowered farmland irrigation paradise is organically combined. The project is still under construction, and part of it is already on display, which is loved by local villagers. The villagers say that these scenes have brought great changes to their lives, and they can come here to exercise with their friends every day. They believe that when the project is finally presented, it will bring more different changes, increase their income and make their life happier.


 21528 mq
 Ming Luo
 Planning & Landscape Design Team:Ziming Liu;Jinman Guo;Pan Yang;Yujie Wang;Changqing Wang;Deyong Zhu;Zhiyue Chen Digital Technology Team:Yunfei Guo;Zhuojun Wei;Qiming Hou;Wenjie Wang;Weijia Wu;Shaofeng Zhang;Yao Xie;Denghua Tan


SecondNature is a landscape design company from China. The company integrates digital technology with landscape design to create dynamic sites with a more modern and ecological feel.


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