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Casa di Langa, a dialogue with history and landscape of the Alta Langa region of Piemonte

Krause Group

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Krause Group

The new resort “Casa di Langa” sits amongst vineyards and hazelnut trees in the heart of the Alta Langa region of Piemonte, renowned for its beautiful rolling hills, historic villages, excellent wines, white truffles and gastronomic excellence. The project is centered on the reuse and adaptation of an abandoned structure located on a vast property of vineyards, orchards and natural forests. The design approach proposed by GaS Studio in collaboration with Parisotto+Formenton centered around the maximum re-use of the existing structures and technical equipment while completely revolutionizing the circulation diagram, allowing elevator access to all rooms, maximizing quality and privacy of views and seeking the highest levels of ecological sustainability and comfort.

Design Strategy
A common denominator for all design decisions was a profound respect for the region and it’s architectural traditions. The new hotel sits on a sloping site and surrounds a central stepping courtyard open to stunning views of the valley to the west. The ample landscaped central garden, the private terraces, the brick-screened circulation, the terra cotta tiled roofs, the wooden structures and deep red stucco all make direct references to local materials and traditional rural vernacular.

Colors, materials and a dialogue with history
Color is a fundamental element of the composition and is derived directly from the prevalent colors present in Alta Langa - in the landscape, in it’s seasons and in it’s traditional rural architecture. Stone, wood, paving and fabrics were all chosen from local sources and refer to the age old traditions of wine production and the change of seasons which is particularly marked in this region of Italy. Textures and finishes as well as colors are inspired from local tradition. Rough stucco and stone pavers are purposely juxtaposed to more contemporary materials such as Corten steel. Mono-chromatic/multi-material schemes are used for exterior vertical finishes (stucco, wood, and terra-cotta) whereas single materials in multiple textures are used for all horizontal surfaces (local grey granite in slabs, pavers and gravel). While the exterior is fundamentally monochromatic the interiors propose three different palettes for the three wings, also inspired by and making use of strictly local materials (wood, stone, pavers, interior plaster, fabrics) with the intent of creating warm and luminous interiors focused on the views, privacy and comfort.

A resort that blends a contemporary style with tradition and natural landscape.
Casa di Langa is surrounded by 42 hectares of rolling hills, vineyards, hazelnut trees, gardens, and orchards, and offers its guests 39suites, a spa, fitness area, outdoor swimming pool, art garden and a separate structure for events. The complex seems like a large country estate composed of three wings with broken roof forms stepping down the hillside. An almost casual composition of volumes reminiscent of typical villages of the region. While the exterior of the resort blends with the surrounding environment and the stepping gardens invite guests to discover the resort’s many natural treasures, the interiors are warm, informal and blend modern design elements with antique furniture and local crafts and a contemporary art collection.

Alta Langa and fine cuisine
This region of Piemonte is world famous for its wines and in particular rich red varieties such as Barolo. With its 42 hectares of vineyards, hazelnut farm and forested hills rich in truffles and porcini, the resort offers memorable culinary experiences. Local products and cuisine will be offered in its restaurant, wine cellar and tasting room, all under the expert management of a renowned chef.

Designers collaborate to create a unique experience
This project was the result of a unique collaboration between two architectural offices: GaS Studio and Parisotto+Formenton Architetti and reflects a wealth of creative brainstorming, collaboration and technical rigor as well as remarkable tenacity while confronted with a much greater complexity than the size of the project might suggest. In addition to the architectural and engineering group, landscape design was a fundamental component of the team and was managed by Land. Quite naturally, the principal intent was that of inviting guests to explore the environment surrounding the resort by creating a series of privacy layers starting with the individual terraces, moving onto the activities that immediately surround the structure such as the exterior lounge off of the reception and the stepping gardens, the outdoor terrace by the restaurant and pool area, the bocce courts and reading areas to the north and finally the art garden to the east. This initial exploration brings the user to explore the bike and hiking trails that explore the rest of the site with its bee hives, greenhouse, viewing decks and finally to an exploration of the Langhe region with its historic villages and many culinary and cultural treasures.

All around a lovely landscape
The goal of the landscape project is to narrate these peculiarities, highlight their processes, and invite visitors to explore them more closely. The landscape project is structured with a natural gradient that, starting from the central space of the building, fades outwards and towards the agricultural parts, with more rustic interventions. The plant species, materials, and colors used are those of the typical Langhe landscape. The system of open spaces of the Resort is divided into different areas, each of them is different in functionality, spatial and material characteristics. The areas of the landscape project are divided into connecting roads to the project and entrance area, Art Garden, terrace and central terrace, outdoor restaurant and fireplace, terraced gardens and ‘bocce’ area, orchard and vegetable garden area, swimming pool and terraces on the upper floors.


 Cerretto Langhe (CN)
 Krause Group
 7000 mq
 Krause Group
 GaS Studio in collaboration with Parisotto+Formenton Architetti
 Malabaila&Arduino S.p.A.
 Arcadis Italia srl, Bre Engineering srl - Euclide, Land srl, PSLab
 Matteo Brioni, Weber Saint-Gobain, fornace Ballatore, Sanmarco-Terreal, Gessi / Cea Design, Cielo/ Agape / Jacuzzi / Villeroy&Boch, Maison Fire, Microdevice, PSlab, Flos Bespoke, Firmamento Milano, Astep, Secco
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