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The willow shores, inspired by the moon and stars in the night sky

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1.Walking into the reception area, the dark straight-grained stone on the ground comes into view, as if you are in the ocean, and the sculpture at the bottom of the stairs is not only like shells and pearls sent to the island reef after the continuous washing of the waves, but also like Reflection of the moon and stars in the night sky. The arc halo receding from the roof is as bright as the aurora, reflected in the sea water, and ripples appear in the reflection of the ground like the "sea surface", giving the whole space a sea-like depth. The large piece of the roof is imprinted with reticulated glass backing the light source and the hand-customized stained glass with the undulating wavy plate on the top surface is like the bright galaxy at sea jumping into view. The stairs are the ladder leading to the harbor of home, standing on the top of the ladder, as if you can reach out and pick the stars in the harbor of your home. 2.The sand table area is processed by the chamfering of the detailed arc edges to continue the line language describing the top surface and the façade, so that the whole space of the sand table area is integrated. The warm wood veneer is like a warm harbor. 3.The water bar area follows the same wood veneer and white stone as the sand table area. The clean tones are matched with light strips, like the moonlight reflecting on the white sandy beach. The shelves of the bar are like the lights from the windows of the home, calling for travelers who are running around to return. home harbour. The wooden structure combined with the flow of water rhyme creates a casual and comfortable atmosphere like home in the whole space 4.The negotiation area strives to be integrated with the whole environment, continuing the technique of matching large wood veneer walls with dark straight-grained stone floors. At the same time, the structure of doors and windows on the walls echoes the facade of the building, and the light art installations on the walls are combined with texture. The sofa set of luxurious plastic art makes fast rhythm disappear. 5.The VIP room uses a combination of wood veneer and wood floor to make the overall space warm and soft, and the wall is partially designed with mirrors to make the space more extensible and transparent. The background wall uses wall coverings and metal shelves. The golden metal shelves echo the materials of chandeliers and coffee tables, making the natural and soft space with some light and luxurious texture. The silver corrugated metal art installation on the wall is like the sea under the bright moon. , sparkling. The sofa adopts comfortable and luxurious texture to create a modern, luxurious, comfortable and warm atmosphere. 6.The walls are made of large wood veneer and metal edging to create a natural beauty. The curved doors and dark straight-grained floor tiles continue the design elements and concepts of the public space. Corrugated glass is used for the building curtain wall, showing waves. beauty while maintaining privacy. The washbasin uses a large number of clear mirrors and metals to create a sense of luxury in the space. The use of a large number of mirrors makes the space more extensible and transparent.


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Mr Bin Wu. The current CEO of the company, is deeply involved in real estate design management and mid-to-high-end interior design 20
For more than a few years, he worked in the Design Management Department of Shanghai Vanke, and successively founded HWCD interior and
HD International Design Co., Ltd. maintains close cooperation with major well-known developers and has senior commercial and residential project experience, such as Wharf Binjiang E18, Suzhou IFS, Changsha ICC, Sun Hung
The Arc de Triomphe, Shanghai Jinchen Villa, Hangzhou Greentown Qinyuan Living Art Museum.


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