Arch. Alessandro Ferro - The renovation of 5 Junior suites gives a sense of greater freshness
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The renovation of 5 Junior suites gives a sense of greater freshness

Arch. Alessandro Ferro

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Arch. Alessandro Ferro

The assignment consists of the renovation of 5 Junior Suite bedrooms, of a 4 **** Hotel in Sottomarina di Chioggia, a well-known seaside resort in the Veneto region. All 5 of the current rooms overlook the sea front, and even if they are in good condition, the client has expressed the will to redo them. The proposal was therefore to remove all the existing furniture, in particular the yellow ocher tapestry of the walls, which gave an inopportune sense of "warm" and to replace it with white embossed wallpaper, with an effect of greater freshness to the room itself, since it is a bedroom used mainly in the summer period. The furnishing project consists in the refurbishment of all the furnishings of the junior suite rooms of about 30 square meters, a new double bed with a black leather structure, headboard made with a mixed texture of colors and fabrics, new shelf bedside tables with light point above, new led spotlights, double door wardrobe with mirror. The new desk / console is made with a white laminate top with lateral supports of bronze squares. Above, a wall-mounted TV allows you to keep your desk free. The visibility of the safe has also been hidden with the use of a panel on the side hinge. A new small sitting room has also been created with a foldaway double sofa bed and a foldable black and white leather coffee table. In this area, while sitting comfortably, it is possible to admire, through the French window, the sea in all its shades of colors. The furnishing proposal is completed by a painting with stabilized green moss, an additional foldaway sofa bed, a full-height entrance mirror with rear perimeter light, an equipped wall for objects, and a double coat hanger, one of which at a height of 100 cm from the ground, only for children. On the whole room it was proposed to create a black string course in which to be able to embed a perimeter light such that there can be a uniform, diffused and reflected light on the whole room, leaving the preference of the atmosphere between red, green, blue, purple or other colors to the user guest. The realization of this intervention is expected at the end of the 2022 tourist bathing season.


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 arch. Alessandro Ferro
 arch. Alessandro Ferro


The Studio opened in 2010 and mainly deals with residential planning in a sustainable key, combining the needs of the client with respect for the environment. - Design of the raising of three additional floors and renovation of a building in Sottomarina, intervention with proceeds of n. 2 Homes, 2 Attics with attic; for a total of 3600 m³. Client: S.L. Year 2011 - Design of a single-family house in Sottomarina; for a total of 500 m³. Client: B.M. Year 2011 - co-design of subdivision in S.Anna di Chioggia, “PN4” consisting of terraced houses, semi-detached houses and a condominium; for a total of 5250 m³. Client: C.A. Year 2011 - Single-family house project with rustic annex in S.Anna di Chioggia, for a total of 586 m³. Client: Dr. M.M. Year 2014 - Single-family house project in Sottomarina, Parco degli orti, for a total of 324 m³. Client: B.M. Year 2014



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